Tit for tat. [Probably for tip for tap. See Tip a slight blow.] An equivalent; retaliation.Tit thrush(Zoöl.), any one of numerous species of Asiatic and East Indian birds belonging to Suthora and allied genera. In some respects they are intermediate between the thrushes and titmice.

(Ti"tan) a. Titanic.

The Titan physical difficulties of his enterprise.
I. Taylor.

(Ti"tan*ate) n. (Chem.) A salt of titanic acid.

(Ti*tan"ic) a. Of or relating to Titans, or fabled giants of ancient mythology; hence, enormous in size or strength; as, Titanic structures.

(Ti*tan"ic) a. [Cf. F. titanique.] (Chem.) Of or pertaining to titanium; derived from, or containing, titanium; specifically, designating those compounds of titanium in which it has a higher valence as contrasted with the titanous compounds.

Titanic acid(Chem.), a white amorphous powder, Ti.(OH)4, obtained by decomposing certain titanates; — called also normal titanic acid. By extension, any one of a series of derived acids, called also metatitanic acid, polytitanic acid, etc.Titanic iron ore. (Min.) See Menaccanite.

(Ti`tan*if"er*ous) a. [Titanium + -ferous: cf. F. titanifère.] Containing or affording titanium; as, titaniferous magnetite.

(Ti"tan*ite) n. [Cf. F. titanite; - - so called from containing titanic acid.] (Min.) See Sphene.

(Ti`tan*it"ic) a. Pertaining to, or containing, titanium; as, a titanitic mineral.

(Ti*ta"ni*um) n. [NL., fr. L. Titani or Titanes, Gr. the sons of the earth.] (Chem.) An elementary substance found combined in the minerals manaccanite, rutile, sphene, etc., and isolated as an infusible iron-gray amorphous powder, having a metallic luster. It burns when heated in the air. Symbol Ti. Atomic weight 48.1.

(Ti"tan*o-) (Chem.) A combining form (also used adjectively) designating certain double compounds of titanium with some other elements; as, titano-cyanide, titano-fluoride, titano-silicate, etc.

(||Ti`tan*o*the"ri*um) n. [NL., fr. Gr. a Titan + dim. of a beast.] (Paleon.) A large American Miocene mammal, allied to the rhinoceros, and more nearly to the extinct Brontotherium.

(Ti"tan*ous) a. Designating certain compounds of titanium in which that element has a lower valence as contrasted with titanic compounds.

(Tit"bit`) n. Same as Tidbit.

(Tith) a. [See Tight, a.] Tight; nimble. [Obs.]

Of a good stirring strain too, she goes tith.
Beau. & Fl.

(Tith"a*ble) a. Subject to the payment of tithes; as, tithable lands.

(Tithe) n. [OE. tithe, tethe, properly an adj., tenth, AS. teóa the tenth; akin to tién, tn, ten, ten, G. zehnte, adj., tenth, n., a tithe, Icel. tiund the tenth; tithe, Goth. taíhunda tenth. See Ten, and cf. Tenth, Teind.]

several species of small East Indian and Asiatic timaline birds of the genus Trichastoma.

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