Memphian to -ment

(Mem"phi*an) a. Of or pertaining to the ancient city of Memphis in Egypt; hence, Egyptian; as, Memphian darkness.

(Men) n., pl. of Man.

(Men), pron. [OE. me, men. "Not the plural of man, but a weakened form of the word man itself." Skeat.] A man; one; — used with a verb in the singular, and corresponding to the present indefinite one or they. [Obs.] Piers Plowman.

Men moot give silver to the poure friars.

A privy thief, men clepeth death.

(Me*nac"can*ite) n. [From Menaccan, in Cornwall, where it was first found.] (Min.) An iron-black or steel-gray mineral, consisting chiefly of the oxides of iron and titanium. It is commonly massive, but occurs also in rhombohedral crystals. Called also titanic iron ore, and ilmenite.

(Men"ace) n. [F., fr. L. minaciae threats, menaces, fr. minax, - acis, projecting, threatening, minae projecting points or pinnacles, threats. Cf. Amenable, Demean, Imminent, Minatory.] The show of an intention to inflict evil; a threat or threatening; indication of a probable evil or catastrophe to come.

His (the pope's) commands, his rebukes, his menaces.

The dark menace of the distant war.

(Men"ace) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Menaced (ast); p. pr. & vb. n. Menacing ] [OF. menacier, F. menacer. See Menace, n.]

1. To express or show an intention to inflict, or to hold out a prospect of inflicting, evil or injury upon; to threaten; — usually followed by with before the harm threatened; as, to menace a country with war.

My master . . . did menace me with death.

2. To threaten, as an evil to be inflicted.

By oath he menaced
Revenge upon the cardinal.

(Men"ace), v. i. To act in threatening manner; to wear a threatening aspect.

Who ever knew the heavens menace so?

(Men"a*cer) n. One who menaces.

(Men"a*cing*ly), adv. In a threatening manner.

(||Mé`nage") n. See Manage.

(||Mé`nage") n. [See Menagerie.] A collection of animals; a menagerie. [Obs.] Addison.

(Men*ag"er*ie) n. [F. ménagerie, fr. ménager to keep house, ménage household. See Menial, Mansion.]

1. A piace where animals are kept and trained.

2. A collection of wild or exotic animals, kept for exhibition.

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