Bale tie, a fastening for the ends of a hoop for a bale.

This name is probably applied also to other small singing birds, as the goldcrest.

(Ti"dy), a. [Compar. Tidier ; superl. Tidiest.] [From Tide time, season; cf. D. tijdig timely, G. zeitig, Dan. & Sw. tidig.]

1. Being in proper time; timely; seasonable; favorable; as, tidy weather. [Obs.]

If weather be fair and tidy.

2. Arranged in good order; orderly; appropriate; neat; kept in proper and becoming neatness, or habitually keeping things so; as, a tidy lass; their dress is tidy; the apartments are well furnished and tidy.

A tidy man, that tened [injured] me never.
Piers Plowman.

(Ti"dy), n.; pl. Tidies

1. A cover, often of tatting, drawn work, or other ornamental work, for the back of a chair, the arms of a sofa, or the like.

2. A child's pinafore. [Prov. Eng.] Wright.

(Ti"dy), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Tidied ; p. pr. & vb. n. Tidying.] To put in proper order; to make neat; as, to tidy a room; to tidy one's dress.

(Ti"dy), v. i. To make things tidy. [Colloq.]

I have tidied and tidied over and over again.

(Ti"dy*tips`) n. (Bot.) A California composite plant the flower of which has yellow rays tipped with white.

(Tie) n.; pl. Ties [AS. tege, tge, tige. &radic64. See Tie, v. t.]

1. A knot; a fastening.

2. A bond; an obligation, moral or legal; as, the sacred ties of friendship or of duty; the ties of allegiance.

No distance breaks the tie of blood.

3. A knot of hair, as at the back of a wig. Young.

4. An equality in numbers, as of votes, scores, etc., which prevents either party from being victorious; equality in any contest, as a race.

5. (Arch. & Engin.) A beam or rod for holding two parts together; in railways, one of the transverse timbers which support the track and keep it in place.

6. (Mus.) A line, usually straight, drawn across the stems of notes, or a curved line written over or under the notes, signifying that they are to be slurred, or closely united in the performance, or that two notes of the same pitch are to be sounded as one; a bind; a ligature.

7. pl. Low shoes fastened with lacings.

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