Teel oil, sesame oil.

(Teel"seed`) n. The seed of sesame.

(Teem) v. t. [Icel. tæma to empty, from tomr empty; akin to Dan. tömme to empty, Sw. tömma. See Toom to empty.]

1. To pour; — commonly followed by out; as, to teem out ale. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] Swift.

2. (Steel Manuf.) To pour, as steel, from a melting pot; to fill, as a mold, with molten metal.

(Teem), v. t. [See Tame, a., and cf. Beteem.] To think fit. [Obs. or R.] G. Gifford.

(Teem), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Teemed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Teeming.] [OE. temen, AS. teman, tman, from teám. See Team.]

1. To bring forth young, as an animal; to produce fruit, as a plant; to bear; to be pregnant; to conceive; to multiply.

If she must teem,
Create her child of spleen.

2. To be full, or ready to bring forth; to be stocked to overflowing; to be prolific; to abound.

His mind teeming with schemes of future deceit to cover former villainy.
Sir W. Scott.

The young, brimful of the hopes and feeling which teem in our time.
F. Harrison.

(Teem), v. t. To produce; to bring forth. [R.]

That [grief] of an hour's age doth hiss the speaker;
Each minute teems a new one.

(Teem"er) n. One who teems, or brings forth.

(Teem"ful) a.

1. Pregnant; prolific. [Obs.]

2. Brimful. [Obs.] Ainsworth.

(Teem"ing), a. Prolific; productive.

Teeming buds and cheerful appear.

(Teem"less), a. Not fruitful or prolific; barren; as, a teemless earth. [Poetic] Dryden.

Tee to Telepheme

(Tee) n. [Cf. Icel. tja to show, mark.] (a) The mark aimed at in curling and in quoits. (b) The nodule of earth from which the ball is struck in golf.

(Tee), n. A short piece of pipe having a lateral outlet, used to connect a line of pipe with a pipe at a right angle with the line; — so called because it resembles the letter T in shape.

Tee iron
(Tee" i`ron) See T iron, under T.

(Teek) n. (Bot.) See Teak. [Obs.]

(Teel) n. Sesame. [Sometimes written til.]

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