Tallow candle, a candle made of tallow.Tallow catch, a keech. See Keech. [Obs.] — Tallow chandler, one whose occupation is to make, or to sell, tallow candles.Tallow chandlery, the trade of a tallow chandler; also, the place where his business is carried on.Tallow tree(Bot.), a tree (Stillingia sebifera) growing in China, the seeds of which are covered with a substance which resembles tallow and is applied to the same purposes.

(Tal"low), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Tallowed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Tallowing.]

1. To grease or smear with tallow.

2. To cause to have a large quantity of tallow; to fatten; as, tallow sheep.

(Tal"low*er) n. An animal which produces tallow.

(Tal"low-face`) n. One who has a sickly, pale complexion. Shak.

(Tal"low-faced`) a. Having a sickly complexion; pale. Burton.

(Tal"low*ing), n. The act, or art, of causing animals to produce tallow; also, the property in animals of producing tallow.

(Tal"low*ish), a. Having the qualities of tallow.

(Tal"low*y) a. Of the nature of tallow; resembling tallow; greasy.

(Tall"wood`) n. [Cf. Tally.] Firewood cut into billets of a certain length. [Obs.] [Eng.]

(Tal"ly) n.; pl. Tallies [OE. taile, taille, F. taille a cutting, cut tally, fr. tailler to cut, but influenced probably by taillé, p. p. of tailler. See Tailor, and cf. Tail a limitation, Taille, Tallage.]

1. Originally, a piece of wood on which notches or scores were cut, as the marks of number; later, one of two books, sheets of paper, etc., on which corresponding accounts were kept.

In purshasing and selling, it was once customary for traders to have two sticks, or one stick cleft into two parts, and to mark with a score or notch, on each, the number or quantity of goods delivered, — the seller keeping one stick, and the purchaser the other. Before the use of writing, this, or something like it, was the only method of keeping accounts; and tallies were received as evidence in courts of justice. In the English exchequer were tallies of loans, one part being kept in the exchequer, the other being given to the creditor in lieu of an obligation for money lent to government.

2. Hence, any account or score kept by notches or marks, whether on wood or paper, or in a book; especially, one kept in duplicate.

Tallier to Tamper

(Tal"li*er) n. One who keeps tally.

(Tall"ness) n. The quality or state of being tall; height of stature.

(Tal"low) n. [OE. taluh, talugh; akin to OD. talgh, D. talk, G., Dan. and Sw. talg, Icel. tolgr, tolg, tolk; and perhaps to Goth. tulgus firm.]

1. The suet or fat of animals of the sheep and ox kinds, separated from membranous and fibrous matter by melting.

The solid consistency of tallow is due to the large amount of stearin it contains. See Fat.

2. The fat of some other animals, or the fat obtained from certain plants, or from other sources, resembling the fat of animals of the sheep and ox kinds.

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