(Sut"ling) a. Belonging to sutlers; engaged in the occupation of a sutler. Addison.

(Su"tor) n. A kind of sirup made by the Indians of Arizona from the fruit of some cactaceous plant

(||Su"tra) n.; pl. Sutras [Skr. stra a thread, a string of rules; an aphorism; fr. siv to sew.]

1. (a) A precept; an aphorism; a brief rule. (b) A collection of such aphorisms.

2. pl. A body of Hindoo literature containing aphorisms on grammar, meter, law, and philosophy, and forming a connecting link between the Vedic and later Sanscrit literature. Balfour

(Sut*tee") n. [Skr. sati a faithful wife, fem. of sant existing, real, true, good, p. pr. of as to be. Cf. Sooth.]

1. A Hindoo widow who immolates herself, or is immolated, on the funeral pile of her husband; — so called because this act of self-immolation is regarded as envincing excellence of wifely character. [India]

2. The act of burning a widow on the funeral pile of her husband. [India]

The practice, though abolished in British India law in 1829, is not wholly prevented.

(Sut*tee"ism) n. The practice of self-immolation of widows in Hindostan.

(Sut"tle) n. [Etymol. uncertain.] (Com.) The weight when the tare has been deducted, and tret is yet to be allowed. MCulloch.

(Sut"tle), v. i. [See Sutler.] To act as sutler; to supply provisions and other articles to troops.

(Su"tur*al) a. [Cf. F. sutural, NL. suturals.]

1. Of or pertaining to a suture, or seam.

2. (Bot.) Taking place at a suture; as, a sutural deiscence.

(Su"tur*al*ly), adv. In a sutural manner.

(Su"tur*a`ted) a. Sewed or knit together; united by a suture; stitched.

(Su"ture) n. [L. sutura, fr. suere, sutum, to sew or stitch: cf. F. suture. See Sew to unite with thread.]

1. The act of sewing; also, the line along which two things or parts are sewed together, or are united so as to form a seam, or that which resembles a seam.

2. (Surg.) (a) The uniting of the parts of a wound by stitching. (b) The stitch by which the parts are united.

3. (Anat.) The line of union, or seam, in an immovable articulation, like those between the bones of the skull; also, such an articulation itself; synarthrosis. See Harmonic suture, under Harmonic.

4. (Bot.) (a) The line, or seam, formed by the union of two margins in any part of a plant; as, the ventral suture of a legume. (b) A line resembling a seam; as, the dorsal suture of a legume, which really corresponds to a midrib.

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