Superstitious use(Law), the use of a gift or bequest, as of land, etc., for the maintenance of the rites of a religion not tolerated by the law. [Eng.] Mozley & W.

Su`per*sti"tious*ly, adv.Su`per*sti"tious*ness, n.

(Su`per*strain") v. t. To overstrain. Bacon.

(Su`per*stra"tum) n.; pl. Superstrata [NL.: cf. L. supersternere, superstratum, to spread upon. See Super-, and Stratum.] A stratum, or layer, above another.

(Su`per*struct") v. t. [L. superstructus, p. p. of superstruere to build upon; super over + struere to build. See Super-, and Structure.] To build over or upon another structure; to erect upon a foundation.

This is the only proper basis on which to superstruct first innocency and then virtue.
Dr. H. More.

(Su`per*struc"tion) n.

1. The act of superstructing, or building upon.

2. That which is superstructed, or built upon some foundation; an edifice; a superstructure.

My own profession hath taught me not to erect new superstructions upon an old ruin.

(Su`per*struct"ive) a. Built or erected on something else. Hammond.

(Su`per*struct"or) n. One who builds a superstructure. [R.] R. North.

(Su`per*struc"ture) n. [Cf. F. superstructure.]

1. Any material structure or edifice built on something else; that which is raised on a foundation or basis; esp. (Arch.), all that part of a building above the basement. Also used figuratively.

You have added to your natural endowments the superstructure of study.

2. (Railway Engin.) The sleepers, and fastenings, in distinction from the roadbed.

to unfounded belief in extraordinary events or in charms, omens, and prognostics, hence producing weak fears, or excessive scrupulosity as to outward observances. The latter gives rise to an utter disregard of reason under the false assumption of enjoying a guidance directly inspired. Fanaticism has a secondary sense as applied to politics, etc., which corresponds to the primary.

(Su`per*sti"tion*ist), n. One addicted to superstition. [Obs.] "Blind superstitionists." Dr. H. More.

(Su`per*sti"tious) a. [F. superstitieux, L. superstitiosus.]

1. Of or pertaining to superstition; proceeding from, or manifesting, superstition; as, superstitious rites; superstitious observances.

2. Evincing superstition; overscrupulous and rigid in religious observances; addicted to superstition; full of idle fancies and scruples in regard to religion.

Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.
Acts xvii. 22.

3. Overexact; scrupulous beyond need.

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