(Sty), v. i. [OE. stien, stien, AS. stigan to rise; akin to D. stijgen, OS. & OHG. stigan, G. steigen, Icel. stiga, Sw. stiga, Dan. stige, Goth. steigan, L. vestigium footstep, Gr. to walk, to go, Skr. stigh to mount. Cf. Distich, Stair steps, Stirrup, Sty a boil, a pen for swine, Vestige.] To soar; to ascend; to mount. See Stirrup. [Obs.]

With bolder wing shall dare aloft to sty,
To the last praises of this Faery Queene.

(Sty), n. [For older styan, styanye, understood as sty on eye, AS. stigend properly, rising, or swelling p. p. of stigan to rise. See Sty, v. i.] (Med.) An inflamed swelling or boil on the edge of the eyelid. [Written also stye.]

(Sty"an) n. See Sty, a boil. [R.] De quincey.

(Sty"ca) n. [LL., fr. AS. stic, styc, stycge.] An anglo-Saxon copper coin of the lowest value, being worth half a farthing. S. M. Leake.

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