small, more or less ovoid head, with a delicate threadlike cilium, or tail. Called also spermatozoön. In plants the more usual term is antherozoid.

(Sper`ma*to*zo"oid) n. (Biol.) A spermatozoid.

(||Sper`ma*to*zo"ön) n.; pl. Spermatozoa [NL., fr. Gr. sperm + an animal.] (Biol.) Same as Spermatozoid.

(Sper"mic) a. Of or pertaining to sperm, or semen.

(||Sper*mid"i*um) n.; pl. Spermidia [Nl., fr. Gr. spe`rma seed.] (Bot.) An achenium.

(Sperm"ist) n. (Biol.) A believer in the doctrine, formerly current, of encasement in the male in which the seminal thread, or spermatozoid, was considered as the real animal germ, the head being the true animal head and the tail the body.

(Sper"mo*blast) n. [Spermo- + -blast.] (Physiol.) One of the cells formed by the division of the spermospore, each of which is destined to become a spermatozoid; a spermatocyte; a spermatoblast.

(||Sper`mo*coc"cus) n. [NL. See Spermo-, and Coccus.] (Physiol.) The nucleus of the sperm cell.

(Sper"mo*derm) n. [Spermo- + derm: cf. F. spermoderme.] (Bot.) The covering of a seed; — sometimes limited to the outer coat or testa. Lindley.

(||Sper`mo*go"ni*um) n. [NL.; spermo- + Gr. offspring.] (Bot.) A conceptacle of certain lichens, which contains spermatia.

(Sper*mol"o*gist) n. [Gr. picking up seeds; spe`rma sperm, seed + to gather.] One who treats of, or collects, seeds. Bailey.

(Sper"mo*phile) n. [Gr. spe`rma a seed + fi`los loving, fond.] (Zoöl.) Any ground squirrel of the genus Spermophilus; a gopher. See Illust. under Gopher.

(Sper"mo*phore) n. (Zoöl.) A spermatophore.

(||Sper*moph"y*ta) n. pl. [Nl., from Gr. spe`rma a seed + fyto`n a plant.] Plants which produce seed; phænogamia. These plants constitute the highest grand division of the vegetable kingdom.

(Sper"mo*phyte) n. (Bot.) Any plant which produces true seeds; — a term recently proposed to replace phænogam.

(Sper`mo*phyt"ic) a. (Bot.) Capable of producing seeds; phænogamic.

(||Sper`mo*plas"ma) n. [NL. See Spermo-, and Plasma.] (Physiol.) The protoplasm of the sperm cell. Haeckel.

(Sper"mo*sphere) n. [Spermo- + sphere.] (Physiol.) A mass or ball of cells formed by the repeated division of a male germinal cell each constituent cell (spermoblast) of which is converted into a spermatozoid; a spermatogemma.

(Sper"mo*spore) n. [Spermo- + spore.] (Physiol.) The male germinal or seminal cell, from the breaking up of which the spermoblasts are formed and ultimately the spermatozoids; a spermatospore. Balfour.

(Sper"mule) n. [Dim. fr. sperm.] (Physiol.) A sperm cell. Haeckel.

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