Spectacled bear(Zoöl.), a South American bear (Tremarclos ornatus) which inhabits the high mountains of Chili and Peru. It has a light-colored ring around each eye.Spectacled coot, or Spectacled duck(Zoöl.), the surf scoter, or surf duck. [Local, U.S.] — Spectacled eider(Zoöl.) See Eider. Spectacled goose(Zoöl.), the gannet.Spectacled snake(Zoöl.), the cobra de capello.

(Spec"kled-bill") n. (Zoöl.) The American white-fronted goose (Anser albifrons).

(Spec"kled*ness), n. The quality of being speckled.

(Speck`sion*eer") n. The chief harpooner, who also directs in cutting up the speck, or blubber; — so called among whalers.

(Speckt) n. A woodpecker. See Speight.

(Spec"ta*cle) n. [F., fr. L. spectaculum, fr. spectare to look at, to behold, v. intens. fr. specere. See Spy.]

1. Something exhibited to view; usually, something presented to view as extraordinary, or as unusual and worthy of special notice; a remarkable or noteworthy sight; a show; a pageant; a gazingstock.

O, piteous spectacle? O, bloody times!

2. A spy-glass; a looking-glass. [Obs.]

Poverty a spectacle is, as thinketh me,
Through which he may his very friends see.

3. pl. An optical instrument consisting of two lenses set in a light frame, and worn to assist sight, to obviate some defect in the organs of vision, or to shield the eyes from bright light.

4. pl. Fig.: An aid to the intellectual sight.

Shakespeare . . . needed not the spectacles of books to read nature.

Syn. — Show; sight; exhibition; representation; pageant.

(Spec"ta*cled) a.

1. Furnished with spectacles; wearing spectacles.

As spectacled she sits in chimney nook.

2. (Zoöl.) Having the eyes surrounded by color markings, or patches of naked skin, resembling spectacles.

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