1. A mark or stain; hence, a slight reproach or disgrace; a stigma; a reproachful intimation; an innuendo. "Gaining to his name a lasting slur." South.

2. A trick played upon a person; an imposition. [R.]

3. (Mus.) A mark, thus [&upslur or &downslur], connecting notes that are to be sung to the same syllable, or made in one continued breath of a wind instrument, or with one stroke of a bow; a tie; a sign of legato.

4. In knitting machines, a contrivance for depressing the sinkers successively by passing over them.

(Slurred) a. (Mus.) Marked with a slur; performed in a smooth, gliding style, like notes marked with a slur.

(Slush) n. [Cf. Sw. slaska to paddle in water, slask wet, filth.] [Written also slosh.]

1. Soft mud.

2. A mixture of snow and water; half-melted snow.

3. A soft mixture of grease and other materials, used for lubrication.

4. The refuse grease and fat collected in cooking, especially on shipboard.

5. (Mach.) A mixture of white lead and lime, with which the bright parts of machines, such as the connecting rods of steamboats, are painted to be preserved from oxidation.

(Slush) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Slushed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Slushing.]

1. To smear with slush or grease; as, to slush a mast.

2. To paint with a mixture of white lead and lime.

(Slush"y) a. Abounding in slush; characterized by soft mud or half-melted snow; as, the streets are slushy; the snow is slushy. "A dark, drizzling, slushy day." Blackw. Mag.

(Slut) n. [OE. slutte; cf. OD. slodde a slut, Icel. slöttr a heavy, loglike fellow, slota to droop.]

1. An untidy woman; a slattern.

Sluts are good enough to make a sloven's porridge.
Old Proverb.

2. A servant girl; a drudge. [Obs.]

Our little girl Susan is a most admirable slut, and pleases us mightly, doing more service than both the others.

3. A female dog; a bitch.

(Slutch) n. [CF. Sludge.] Slush. [Prov. Eng.]

(Slutch"y) a. Slushy. [Prov. Eng.] Pennant.

(Sluth"hound`) n. Sleuthhound.

(Slut"ter*y) n. The qualities and practices of a slut; sluttishness; slatternlines. Drayton.

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