Sitting room, an apartment where the members of a family usually sit, as distinguished from a drawing- room, parlor, chamber, or kitchen.

(Sit"u*ate Sit"u*a`ted) , a. [LL. situatus, from situare to place, fr. L. situs situation, site. See Site.]

1. Having a site, situation, or location; being in a relative position; permanently fixed; placed; located; as, a town situated, or situate, on a hill or on the seashore.

2. Placed; residing.

Pleasure situate in hill and dale.

Situate is now less used than situated, but both are well authorized.

(Sit"u*ate) v. t. To place. [R.] Landor.

(Sit`u*a"tion) n. [LL. situatio: cf. F. situation.]

1. Manner in which an object is placed; location, esp. as related to something else; position; locality site; as, a house in a pleasant situation.

2. Position, as regards the conditions and circumstances of the case.

A situation of the greatest ease and tranquillity.

3. Relative position; circumstances; temporary state or relation at a moment of action which excites interest, as of persons in a dramatic scene.

There's situation for you! there's an heroic group!

4. Permanent position or employment; place; office; as, a situation in a store; a situation under government.

Syn. — State; position; seat; site; station; post; place; office; condition; case; plight. See State.

(||Si"tus) n. [L., situation.] (Bot.) The method in which the parts of a plant are arranged; also, the position of the parts. Henslow.

2. A seat, or the space occupied by or allotted for a person, in a church, theater, etc.; as, the hall has 800 sittings.

3. The act or time of sitting, as to a portrait painter, photographer, etc.

4. The actual presence or meeting of any body of men in their seats, clothed with authority to transact business; a session; as, a sitting of the judges of the King's Bench, or of a commission.

The sitting closed in great agitation.

5. The time during which one sits while doing something, as reading a book, playing a game, etc.

For the understanding of any one of St. Paul's Epistles I read it all through at one sitting.

6. A brooding over eggs for hatching, as by fowls.

The male bird . . . amuses her [the female] with his songs during the whole time of her sitting.

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