An extraordinary pronunciation of this word as sith is still heard in England and among the illiterate in the United States.

(Sigh), v. t.

1. To exhale (the breath) in sighs.

Never man sighed truer breath.

2. To utter sighs over; to lament or mourn over.

Ages to come, and men unborn,
Shall bless her name, and sigh her fate.

3. To express by sighs; to utter in or with sighs.

They . . . sighed forth proverbs.

The gentle swain . . . sighs back her grief.

(Sigh), n. [OE. sigh; cf. OE. sik. See Sigh, v. i.]

1. A deep and prolonged audible inspiration or respiration of air, as when fatigued or grieved; the act of sighing.

I could drive the boat with my sighs.

2. Figuratively, a manifestation of grief; a lanent.

With their sighs the air
Frequenting, sent from hearts contrite.

(Sigh"-born`) a. Sorrowful; mournful. [R.] "Sigh-born thoughts." De Quincey.

(Sigh"er) n. One who sighs.

(Sigh"ing), a. Uttering sighs; grieving; lamenting. "Sighing millions." Cowper. - - Sigh"ing*ly, adv.

(Sight) n. [OE. sight, sit, siht, AS. siht, gesiht, gesih, gesieh, gesyh; akin to D. gezicht, G. sicht, gesicht, Dan. sigte, Sw. sigt, from the root of E. see. See See, v. t.]

1. The act of seeing; perception of objects by the eye; view; as, to gain sight of land.

A cloud received him out of their sight.
Acts. i. 9.

2. The power of seeing; the faculty of vision, or of perceiving objects by the instrumentality of the eyes.

Thy sight is young,
And thou shalt read when mine begin to dazzle.

O loss of sight, of thee I most complain!

3. The state of admitting unobstructed vision; visibility; open view; region which the eye at one time surveys; space through which the power of vision extends; as, an object within sight.

4. A spectacle; a view; a show; something worth seeing.

Moses said, I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.
Ex. iii. 3.

They never saw a sight so fair.

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