Shrouded gear(Mach.), a cogwheel or pinion having flanges which form closed ends to the spaces between the teeth and thus strengthen the teeth by tying them together.

(Shroud"ing), n. The shrouds. See Shroud, n., 7.

(Shroud"-laid`) a. Composed of four strands, and laid right-handed with a heart, or center; — said of rope. See Illust. under Cordage.

(Shroud"less), a. Without a shroud.

(Shroud"y) a. Affording shelter. [R.] Milton.

(Shrove) imp. of Shrive.

Shrove Sunday, Quinguagesima Sunday.Shrove Tuesday, the Tuesday following Quinguagesima Sunday, and preceding the first day of Lent, or Ash Wednesday. It was formerly customary in England, on this day, for the people to confess their sins to their parish priests, after which they dined on pancakes, or fritters, and the occasion became one of merriment. The bell rung on this day is popularly called Pancake Bell, and the day itself Pancake Tuesday. P. Cyc.

(Shrove), v. i. To join in the festivities of Shrovetide; hence, to make merry. [Obs.] J. Fletcher.

(Shrove"tide`) n. [From shrive to take a confession (OE. imp. shrof, AS. scraf) + tide.] The days immediately preceding Ash Widnesday, especially the period between the evening before Quinguagesima Sunday and the morning of Ash Wednesday.

(Shrov"ing), n. The festivity of Shrovetide. [Obs.]

(Shrow) n. A shrew. [Obs.] Shak.

(Shrowd) v. t. See Shrood. [Prov. Eng.]

(Shrub) n. [Ar. shirb, shurb, a drink, beverage, fr. shariba to drink. Cf. Sirup, Sherbet.] A liquor composed of vegetable acid, especially lemon juice, and sugar, with spirit to preserve it.

(Shrub), n. [OE. schrob, AS. scrob, scrobb; akin to Norw. skrubba the dwarf cornel tree.] (Bot.) A woody plant of less size than a tree, and usually with several stems from the same root.

(Shrub), v. t. To lop; to prune. [Obs.] Anderson

(Shrub"ber*y) n.; pl. Shrubberies

1. A collection of shrubs.

2. A place where shrubs are planted. Macaulay.

(Shrub"bi*ness) n. Quality of being shrubby.

(Shrub"by) a. [Compar. Shrubbier ; superl. Shrubbiest.]

1. Full of shrubs.

2. Of the nature of a shrub; resembling a shrub. "Shrubby browse." J. Philips.

(Shrub"less), a. having no shrubs. Byron.

(Shroud"ed), a. Provided with a shroud or shrouds.

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