Right shoulder arms(Mil.), a position in the Manual of Arms which the piece is placed on the right shoulder, with the lock plate up, and the muzzle elevated and inclined to the left, and held as in the illustration.

(Shoul"dered) a. Having shoulders; — used in composition; as, a broad-shouldered man. "He was short-shouldered." Chaucer.

(Shoul"der-shot`ten) a. Sprained in the shoulder, as a horse. Shak.

(Shout) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Shouted; p. pr. & vb. n. Shouting.] [OE. shouten, of unknown origin; perhaps akin to shoot; cf. Icel. skuta, skuti, a taunt.] To utter a sudden and loud outcry, as in joy, triumph, or exultation, or to attract attention, to animate soldiers, etc.

Shouting of the men and women eke.

They shouted thrice: what was the last cry for?

To shout at, to utter shouts at; to deride or revile with shouts.

(Shout), v. t.

1. To utter with a shout; to cry; — sometimes with out; as, to shout, or to shout out, a man's name.

2. To treat with shouts or clamor. Bp. Hall.

(Shout), n. A loud burst of voice or voices; a vehement and sudden outcry, especially of a multitudes expressing joy, triumph, exultation, or animated courage.

The Rhodians, seeing the enemy turn their backs, gave a great shout in derision.

(Shout"er) n. One who shouts.

(Shove) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Shoved (shuvd); p. pr. & vb. n. Shoving.] [OE. shoven, AS. scofian, fr. scufan; akin to OFries. skuva, D. schuiven, G. schieben, OHG. scioban, Icel. skufa, skyfa, Sw. skuffa, Dan. skuffe, Goth. afskiuban to put away, cast away; cf. Skr. kshubh to become agitated, to quake, Lith. skubrus quick, skubinti to hasten. &radic160. Cf. Sheaf a bundle of stalks, Scoop, Scuffle.]

1. To drive along by the direct and continuous application of strength; to push; especially, to push (a body) so as to make it move along the surface of another body; as, to shove a boat on the water; to shove a table across the floor.

2. To push along, aside, or away, in a careless or rude manner; to jostle.

And shove away the worthy bidden guest.

He used to shove and elbow his fellow servants.

(Shove), v. i.

1. To push or drive forward; to move onward by pushing or jostling.

2. To take upon the shoulder or shoulders; as, to shoulder a basket; hence, to assume the burden or responsibility of; as, to shoulder blame; to shoulder a debt.

As if Hercules
Or burly Atlas shouldered up their state.

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