Angular sections(Math.), a branch of analysis which treats of the relations of sines, tangents, etc., of arcs to the sines, tangents, etc., of their multiples or of their parts. [R.] — Conic sections. (Geom.) See under Conic.Section liner(Drawing), an instrument to aid in drawing a series of equidistant parallel lines, — used in representing sections.Thin section, a section or slice, as of mineral, animal, or vegetable substance, thin enough to be transparent, and used for study under the microscope.

Syn. — Part; portion; division. — Section, Part. The English more commonly apply the word section to a part or portion of a body of men; as, a section of the clergy, a small section of the Whigs, etc. In the United States this use is less common, but another use, unknown or but little known in England, is very frequent, as in the phrases "the eastern section of our country," etc., the same sense being also given to the adjective sectional; as, sectional feelings, interests, etc.

(Sec"tion*al) a.

1. Of or pertaining to a section or distinct part of larger body or territory; local.

All sectional interests, or party feelings, it is hoped, will hereafter yield to schemes of ambition.

2. Consisting of sections, or capable of being divided into sections; as, a sectional steam boiler.

(Sec"tion*al*ism) n. A disproportionate regard for the interests peculiar to a section of the country; local patriotism, as distinguished from national. [U. S.]

(Sec"tion*al"i*ty) n. The state or quality of being sectional; sectionalism.

(Sec"tion*al*ize) v. t. To divide according to geographical sections or local interests. [U. S.]

The principal results of the struggle were to sectionalize parties.
Nicolay & Hay (Life of Lincoln).

at various angles. In architecture, a vertical section is a drawing showing the interior, the thickness of the walls, etc., as if made on a vertical plane passed through a building.

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