Scaly ant-eater(Zoöl.), the pangolin.

(Scal"y-winged`) a. (Zoöl.) Scale-winged.

(Scam"ble) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Scambled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Scambling.] [Cf. OD. schampelen to deviate, to slip, schampen to go away, escape, slip, and E. scamper, shamble.]

1. To move awkwardly; to be shuffling, irregular, or unsteady; to sprawl; to shamble. "Some scambling shifts." Dr. H. More. "A fine old hall, but a scambling house." Evelyn.

2. To move about pushing and jostling; to be rude and turbulent; to scramble. "The scambling and unquiet time did push it out of . . . question." Shak.

(Scam"ble), v. t. To mangle. [Obs.] Mortimer.

(Scam"bler) n. 1. One who scambles.

2. A bold intruder upon the hospitality of others; a mealtime visitor. [Scot.]

(Scam"bling*ly) adv. In a scambling manner; with turbulence and noise; with bold intrusiveness.

(Scam"ell or Scam"mel), n. (Zoöl.) The female bar-tailed godwit. [Prov. Eng.]

Whether this is the scamel mentioned by Shakespeare ["Tempest," ii. 2] is not known.

(||Sca*mil"lus) n.; pl. Scamilli [L., originally, a little bench, dim. of scamnum bench, stool.] (Arch.) A sort of second plinth or block, below the bases of Ionic and Corinthian columns, generally without moldings, and of smaller size horizontally than the pedestal.

(Scam*mo"ni*ate) a. Made from scammony; as, a scammoniate aperient.

(Scam"mo*ny) n. [F. scammonée, L. scammonia, scammonea, Gr. skammwni`a.]

1. (Bot.) A species of bindweed or Convolvulus (C. Scammonia).

2. An inspissated sap obtained from the root of the Convolvulus Scammonia, of a blackish gray color, a nauseous smell like that of old cheese, and a somewhat acrid taste. It is used in medicine as a cathartic.

(Scamp) n. [OF. escamper to run away, to make one's escape. Originally, one who runs away, a fugitive, a vagabond. See Scamper.] A rascal; a swindler; a rogue. De Quincey.

(Scal"pri*form) a. [L. scalprum chisel, knife + -form.] (Anat.) Shaped like a chisel; as, the scalpriform incisors of rodents.

(Scal"y) a.

1. Covered or abounding with scales; as, a scaly fish. "Scaly crocodile." Milton.

2. Resembling scales, laminæ, or layers.

3. Mean; low; as, a scaly fellow. [Low]

4. (Bot.) Composed of scales lying over each other; as, a scaly bulb; covered with scales; as, a scaly stem.

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