Sagittal suture(Anat.), the suture between the two parietal bones in the top of the skull; — called also rabdoidal suture, and interparietal suture.

(||Sag`it*ta"ri*us) n. [L., literally, an archer, fr. sagittarius belonging to an arrow, fr. sagitta an arrow.] (Astron.) (a) The ninth of the twelve signs of the zodiac, which the sun enters about November

(Sage"brush`) n. A low irregular shrub of the order Compositæ, covering vast tracts of the dry alkaline regions of the American plains; — called also sagebush, and wild sage.

(Sage"ly), adv. In a sage manner; wisely.

(Sa*gene") n. [Russ. sajene.] A Russian measure of length equal to about seven English feet.

(Sage"ness) n. The quality or state of being sage; wisdom; sagacity; prudence; gravity. Ascham.

(Sag"e*nite) n. [F. sagénite, fr. L. sagena a large net. See Seine.] (Min.) Acicular rutile occurring in reticulated forms imbedded in quartz.

(Sag`e*nit"ic) a. (Min.) Resembling sagenite; — applied to quartz when containing acicular crystals of other minerals, most commonly rutile, also tourmaline, actinolite, and the like.

(Sag"ger) n. [See Seggar.]

1. A pot or case of fire clay, in which fine stoneware is inclosed while baking in the kiln; a seggar.

2. The clay of which such pots or cases are made.

(Sag"ging) n. A bending or sinking between the ends of a thing, in consequence of its own, or an imposed, weight; an arching downward in the middle, as of a ship after straining. Cf. Hogging.

(Sag"i*nate) v. t. [L. saginatus, p. p. of saginare to fat, fr. sagina stuffing.] To make fat; to pamper. [R.] "Many a saginated boar." Cowper.

(Sag`i*na"tion) n. [L. saginatio.] The act of fattening or pampering. [R.] Topsell.

(||Sa*git"ta) n. [L., an arrow.]

1. (Astron.) A small constellation north of Aquila; the Arrow.

2. (Arch.) The keystone of an arch. [R.] Gwilt.

3. (Geom.) The distance from a point in a curve to the chord; also, the versed sine of an arc; — so called from its resemblance to an arrow resting on the bow and string. [Obs.]

4. (Anat.) The larger of the two otoliths, or ear bones, found in most fishes.

5. (Zoöl.) A genus of transparent, free-swimming marine worms having lateral and caudal fins, and capable of swimming rapidly. It is the type of the class Chætognatha.

(Sag"it*tal) a. [L. sagitta an arrow: cf. F. sagittal.]

1. Of or pertaining to an arrow; resembling an arrow; furnished with an arrowlike appendage.

2. (Anat.) (a) Of or pertaining to the sagittal suture; in the region of the sagittal suture; rabdoidal; as, the sagittal furrow, or groove, on the inner surface of the roof of the skull. (b) In the mesial plane; mesial; as, a sagittal section of an animal.

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