Safe hit(Baseball), a hit which enables the batter to get to first base even if no error is made by the other side.

Syn. — Secure; unendangered; sure.

(Safe) n. A place for keeping things in safety. Specifically: (a) A strong and fireproof receptacle (as a movable chest of steel, etc., or a closet or vault of brickwork) for containing money, valuable papers, or the like. (b) A ventilated or refrigerated chest or closet for securing provisions from noxious animals or insects.

1. Wearily; heavily; firmly. [Obs.]

In go the spears full sadly in arest.

2. Seriously; soberly; gravely. [Obs.]

To tell thee sadly, shepherd, without blame
Or our neglect, we lost her as we came.

3. Grievously; deeply; sorrowfully; miserably. "He sadly suffers in their grief." Dryden.

(Sad"ness), n.

1. Heaviness; firmness. [Obs.]

2. Seriousness; gravity; discretion. [Obs.]

Her sadness and her benignity.

3. Quality of being sad, or unhappy; gloominess; sorrowfulness; dejection.

Dim sadness did not spare
That time celestial visages.

Syn. — Sorrow; heaviness; dejection. See Grief.

(||Sadr) n. (Bot.) A plant of the genus Ziziphus (Z. lotus); — so called by the Arabs of Barbary, who use its berries for food. See Lotus (b).

(||Saeng"er*fest) n. [G. sängerfest.] A festival of singers; a German singing festival.

(Safe) a. [Compar. Safer ; superl. Safest.] [OE. sauf, F. sauf, fr. L. salvus, akin to salus health, welfare, safety. Cf. Salute, Salvation, Sage a plant, Save, Salvo an exception.]

1. Free from harm, injury, or risk; untouched or unthreatened by danger or injury; unharmed; unhurt; secure; whole; as, safe from disease; safe from storms; safe from foes. "And ye dwelled safe." 1 Sam. xii. 11.

They escaped all safe to land.
Acts xxvii. 44.

Established in a safe, unenvied throne.

2. Conferring safety; securing from harm; not exposing to danger; confining securely; to be relied upon; not dangerous; as, a safe harbor; a safe bridge, etc. "The man of safe discretion." Shak.

The King of heaven hath doomed
This place our dungeon, not our safe retreat.

3. Incapable of doing harm; no longer dangerous; in secure care or custody; as, the prisoner is safe.

But Banquo's safe?
Ay, my good lord, safe in a ditch he bides.

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