or on, to go on with difficulty; as, they manage, with strict economy, to rub along. [Colloq.]

(Rub), n. [Cf. W. rhwb. See Rub, v,t,]

1. The act of rubbing; friction.

2. That which rubs; that which tends to hinder or obstruct motion or progress; hindrance; obstruction, an impediment; especially, a difficulty or obstruction hard to overcome; a pinch.

Every rub is smoothed on our way.

To sleep, perchance to dream; ay, there's the rub.

Upon this rub, the English ambassadors thought fit to demur.

One knows not, certainly, what other rubs might have been ordained for us by a wise Providence.
W. Besant.

3. Inequality of surface, as of the ground in the game of bowls; unevenness. Shak.

4. Something grating to the feelings; sarcasm; joke; as, a hard rub.

5. Imperfection; failing; fault. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl.

6. A chance. [Obs.]

Flight shall leave no Greek a rub.

7. A stone, commonly flat, used to sharpen cutting tools; a whetstone; — called also rubstone.

Rub iron, an iron guard on a wagon body, against which a wheel rubs when cramped too much.

(Rub"a-dub) n. The sound of a drum when continuously beaten; hence, a clamorous, repeated sound; a clatter.

The rubadub of the abolition presses.
D. Webster.

(||Ru*ba"to) a. [It.] Robbed; borrowed.

||Temple rubato. [It.] (Mus.) Borrowed time; — a term applied to a style of performance in which some tones are held longer than their legitimate time, while others are proportionally curtailed.

(Rub"bage) n. Rubbish. [Obs.]

(Rub"ber) n.

1. One who, or that which, rubs. Specifically: (a) An instrument or thing used in rubbing, polishing, or cleaning. (b) A coarse file, or the rough part of a file. (c) A whetstone; a rubstone. (d) An eraser, usually made of caoutchouc. (e) The cushion of an electrical machine. (f) One who performs massage, especially in a Turkish bath. (g) Something that chafes or annoys; hence, something that grates on the feelings; a sarcasm; a rub. Thackeray.

2. In some games, as whist, the odd game, as the third or the fifth, when there is a tie between the players; as, to play the rubber; also, a contest determined by the winning of two out of three games; as, to play a rubber of whist. Beaconsfield. "A rubber of cribbage." Dickens.

To rub along

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