African rosewood, the wood of the leguminous tree Pterocarpus erinaceus.Jamaica rosewood, the wood of two West Indian trees (Amyris balsamifera, and Linocieria ligustrina).New South Wales rosewood, the wood of Trichilia glandulosa, a tree related to the margosa.

(Rose"worm`) n. (Zoöl.) The larva of any one of several species of lepidopterous insects which feed upon the leaves, buds, or blossoms of the rose, especially Cacæcia rosaceana, which rolls up the leaves for a nest, and devours both the leaves and buds.

(Rose"wort`) n. (Bot.) (a) Roseroot. (b) Any plant nearly related to the rose. Lindley.

(Ros`i*cru"cian) n. [The name is probably due to a German theologian, Johann Valentin Andreä, who in anonymous pamphlets called himself a knight of the Rose Cross using a seal with a St. Andrew's cross and four roses.)] One who, in the 17th century and the early part of the 18th, claimed to belong to a secret society of philosophers deeply versed in the secrets of nature, — the alleged society having existed, it was stated, several hundred years.

The Rosicrucians also called brothers of the Rosy Cross, Rosy-cross Knights, Rosy-cross philosophers, etc. Among other pretensions, they claimed to be able to transmute metals, to prolong life, to know what is passing in distant places, and to discover the most hidden things by the application of the Cabala and science of numbers.

(Ros`i*cru"cian) a. Of or pertaining to the Rosicrucians, or their arts.

(Ros"ied) a. Decorated with roses, or with the color of roses.

(Ro"sier) n. [F., fr. L. rosarius of roses. Cf. Rosary.] A rosebush; roses, collectively. [Obs.]

Crowned with a garland of sweet rosier.

(Ros"i*ly) adv. In a rosy manner. M. Arnold.

(Ros"in) n. [A variant of resin.] The hard, amber-colored resin left after distilling off the volatile oil of turpentine; colophony.

Rosette to Rotche

(Ro*sette) n. [F., dim. of rose a rose. Cf. Roset.]

1. An imitation of a rose by means of ribbon or other material, — used as an ornament or a badge.

2. (Arch.) An ornament in the form of a rose or roundel, -much used in decoration.

3. A red color. See Roset.

4. A rose burner. See under Rose.

5. (Zoöl.) (a) Any structure having a flowerlike form; especially, the group of five broad ambulacra on the upper side of the spatangoid and clypeastroid sea urchins. See Illust. of Spicule, and Sand dollar, under Sand. (b) A flowerlike color marking; as, the rosettes on the leopard.

Rose water
(Rose" wa`ter) Water tinctured with roses by distillation.

(Rose"-wa`ter), a. Having the odor of rose water; hence, affectedly nice or delicate; sentimental. "Rose-water philanthropy." Carlyle.

(Rose"wood) n. A valuable cabinet wood of a dark red color, streaked and variegated with black, obtained from several tropical leguminous trees of the genera Dalbergia and Machærium. The finest kind is from Brazil, and is said to be from the Dalbergia nigra.

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