, an oil obtained from the resin of the pine tree, — used by painters and for lubricating machinery, etc.

(Ros"in), v. t. To rub with rosin, as musicians rub the bow of a violin.

Or with the rosined bow torment the string.

(Ros"i*ness) n. The quality of being rosy.

(Ros"in*weed`) n. (Bot.) (a) The compass plant. See under Compass. (b) A name given in California to various composite plants which secrete resins or have a resinous smell.

(Ros"in*y) a. like rosin, or having its qualities.

(Ros"land) n. [W. rhos a meadow, a moor + E. land.] heathy land; land full of heather; moorish or watery land. [prov. Eng.]

(Ros"ma*rine`) n. [OE. See Rosemary.]

1. Dew from the sea; sea dew. [Obs.]

That purer brine
And wholesome dew called rosmarine.
B. Jonson.

2. Rosemary. [Obs.] Spenser. "Biting on anise seed and rosmarine." Bp. Hall.

(Ros"ma*rine), n. [Norw. rosmar a walrus; ros a horse (akin to E. horse) + (probably) mar the sea.] A fabulous sea animal which was reported to climb by means of its teeth to the tops of rocks to feed upon the dew.

And greedly rosmarines with visages deforme.

(Ro*sol"ic) a. [Rose + carbolic.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or designating, a complex red dyestuff (called rosolic acid) which is analogous to rosaniline and aurin. It is produced by oxidizing a mixture of phenol and cresol, as a dark red amorphous mass, C20H16O3, which forms weak salts with bases, and stable ones with acids. Called also methyl aurin, and, formerly, corallin.

(Ross) ; 115), n. [Etymol. uncertain.] The rough, scaly matter on the surface of the bark of trees. [Prov. Eng. & Local, U.S.]

(Ross), v. t. To divest of the ross, or rough, scaly surface; as, to ross bark. [Local, U.S.]

(Ros"sel) n. Light land; rosland. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] Mortimer.

Rossel current
(Ros"sel cur`rent) [From Rossel Island, in the Louisiade Archipelago.] (Oceanography) A portion of the southern equatorial current flowing westward from the Fiji Islands to New Guinea.
[Webster 1913 Suppl.]

(Ros"sel*ly) a. Loose; light. [Obs.] Mortimer.

(Rost) n. See Roust. [Scot.] Jamieson.

(Ros"tel) n. [L. rostellum, dim. of rostrum a beak: cf. F. rostelle.] same as Rostellum.

(Ros*tel"lar) a. Pertaining to a rostellum.

(Ros"tel*late) a. [NL. rostellatus.] Having a rostellum, or small beak; terminating in a beak.

Rosin oil

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