To run riot, to act wantonly or without restraint.

(Ri"ot) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Rioted; p. pr. & vb. n. Rioting.] [OF. rioter; cf. OD. ravotten.]

1. To engage in riot; to act in an unrestrained or wanton manner; to indulge in excess of luxury, feasting, or the like; to revel; to run riot; to go to excess.

Now he exact of all, wastes in delight,
Riots in pleasure, and neglects the law.

No pulse that riots, and no blood that glows.

2. (Law) To disturb the peace; to raise an uproar or sedition. See Riot, n., 3. Johnson.

(Ri"ot), v. t. To spend or pass in riot.

[He] had rioted his life out.

(Ri"ot*er) n.

1. One who riots; a reveler; a roisterer. Chaucer.

2. (Law) One who engages in a riot. See Riot, n., 3.

(Ri"ot*ise) n. Excess; tumult; revelry. [Obs.]

His life he led in lawless riotise.

(Ri"ot*our) n. A rioter. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Ri"ot*ous) a. [OF. rioteux.]

(Rinse) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Rinsed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Rinsing.] [OE., fr. OF. rincer, rimser, reinser, raïncier, F. rincer; of uncertain origin.]

1. To wash lightly; to cleanse with a second or repeated application of water after washing.

2. To cleancse by the introduction of water; - - applied especially to hollow vessels; as, to rinse a bottle. "Like a glass did break i' the rinsing." Shak.

(Rinse), n. The act of rinsing.

(Rins"er) n. One who, or that which, rinses.

(Ri"ot) n. [OF. riote, of uncertain origin; cf. OD. revot, ravot.]

1. Wanton or unrestrained behavior; uproar; tumult.

His headstrong riot hath no curb.

2. Excessive and exxpensive feasting; wild and loose festivity; revelry.

Venus loveth riot and dispense.

The lamb thy riot dooms to bleed to- day.

3. (Law) The tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by an unlawful assembly of three or more persons in the execution of some private object.

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