Running rigging(Naut.), all those ropes used in bracing the yards, making and shortening sail, etc., such as braces, sheets, halyards, clew lines, and the like.Standing rigging(Naut.), the shrouds and stays.

(Rig"gish) a. Like a rig or wanton. [Obs.] "Riggish and unmaidenly." Bp. Hall.

(Rig"gle) v. i. See Wriggle.

(Rig"gle), n. The European lance fish. [Prov. Eng.]

(Right) a. [OE. right, riht, AS. riht; akin to D. regt, OS. & OHG. reht, G. recht, Dan. ret, Sw. rätt, Icel. rëttr, Goth. raíhts, L. rectus, p. p. of regere to guide, rule; cf. Skr. &rsdotju straight, right. &radic115. Cf. Alert, Correct, Dress, Regular, Rector, Recto, Rectum, Regent, Region, Realm, Rich, Royal, Rule.]

1. Straight; direct; not crooked; as, a right line. "Right as any line." Chaucer

2. Upright; erect from a base; having an upright axis; not oblique; as, right ascension; a right pyramid or cone.

3. Conformed to the constitution of man and the will of God, or to justice and equity; not deviating from the true and just; according with truth and duty; just; true.

That which is conformable to the Supreme Rule is absolutely right, and is called right simply without relation to a special end.

2. Fit; suitable; proper; correct; becoming; as, the right man in the right place; the right way from London to Oxford.

(Rig`a*doon") n. [F. rigadon, rigaudon.] A gay, lively dance for one couple, — said to have been borrowed from Provence in France. W. Irving.

Whose dancing dogs in rigadoons excel.

Riga fir
(Ri"ga fir`) [So called from Riga, a city in Russia.] (Bot.) A species of pine (Pinus sylvestris), and its wood, which affords a valuable timber; — called also Scotch pine, and red or yellow deal. It grows in all parts of Europe, in the Caucasus, and in Siberia.

(Ri*ga"rion) n. [L. rigatio, fr. rigare to water.] See Irrigation. [Obs.]

(Ri"gel) n. [Ar. rijl, properly, foot.] (Astron.) A fixed star of the first magnitude in the left foot of the constellation Orion. [Written also Regel.]

(Ri*ges"cent) a. [L. rigescens, p. pr. fr. rigescere to grow stiff.] Growing stiff or numb.

(Rig"ger) n.

1. One who rigs or dresses; one whose occupation is to fit the rigging of a ship.

2. A cylindrical pulley or drum in machinery. [R.]

(Rig"ging) n. DRess; tackle; especially (Naut.), the ropes, chains, etc., that support the masts and spars of a vessel, and serve as purchases for adjusting the sails, etc. See Illustr. of Ship and Sails.

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