Retinal purple(Physiol. Chem.), the visual purple.

(Re*tin"a*lite) n. [Gr. resin + -lite.] (Min.) A translucent variety of serpentine, of a honey yellow or greenish yellow color, having a waxy resinlike luster.

(Ret`in*as"phalt ||Ret`in*as*phal"tum) n. [Gr. resin + asphalt.] (Min.) Retinite.

(Ret"i*nerved`) a. [L. rete a net + E. nerve.] (Bot.) Having reticulated veins.

(||Ret`i*ne"um) n.; pl. Retinea [NL. See Retina.] (Zoöl.) That part of the eye of an invertebrate which corresponds in function with the retina of a vertebrate.

(Re*tin"ic) a. [Gr. resin.] (Min. Chem.) Of or pertaining to resin; derived from resin; specifically, designating an acid found in certain fossil resins and hydrocarbons.

(Ret"i*nite) n. [Gr. resin: cf. F. rétinite.] (Min.) An inflammable mineral resin, usually of a yellowish brown color, found in roundish masses, sometimes with coal.

(Ret`i*ni"tis) n. [NL., fr. NL. & E. retina + -tis.] (Med.) Inflammation of the retina.

(Ret"i*noid) a. [Gr. resin + -oid.] Resinlike, or resinform; resembling a resin without being such.

(Ret"i*nol) n. [Gr. resin + L. oleum oil.] (Chem.) A hydrocarbon oil obtained by the distillation of resin, — used in printer's ink.

(||Ret`i*noph"o*ra) n.; pl. Retiniphoræ [NL., fr. NL. & E. retina + Gr. to bear.] (Zoöl.) One of group of two to four united cells which occupy the axial part of the ocelli, or ommatidia, of the eyes of invertebrates, and contain the terminal nerve fibrillæ. See Illust. under Ommatidium.

(Ret`i*noph"o*ral) a. (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to retinophoræ.

(Ret`i*nos"co*py) n. [Retina + -scopy.] (Physiol.) The study of the retina of the eye by means of the ophthalmoscope.

(Ret"i*form) a. [L. rete a net + -form. cf. F. rétiforme.] Composed of crossing lines and interstices; reticular; netlike; as, the retiform coat of the eye.

(Ret"i*na) n. [NL., from L. rete a net. Cf. Reticule.] (Anat.) The delicate membrane by which the back part of the globe of the eye is lined, and in which the fibers of the optic nerve terminate. See Eye.

The fibers of the optic nerve and the retinal blood vessels spread out upon the front surface of the retina, while the sensory layer containing the rods and cones, is on the back side, next the choroid coat.

(||Ret`i*nac"u*lum) n.; pl. Retinacula [L., a holdfast, a band. See Retain.]

1. (Anat.) (a) A connecting band; a frænum; as, the retinacula of the ileocæcal and ileocolic valves. (b) One of the annular ligaments which hold the tendons close to the bones at the larger joints, as at the wrist and ankle.

2. (Zoöl) One of the retractor muscles of the proboscis of certain worms.

3. (Bot.) A small gland or process to which bodies are attached; as, the glandular retinacula to which the pollinia of orchids are attached, or the hooks which support the seeds in many acanthaceous plants.

(Ret"i*nal) a. (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the retina.

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