Pulmonary resonance(Med.), the sound heard on percussing over the lungs.Vocal resonance (Med.), the sound transmitted to the ear when auscultation is made while the patient is speaking.

(Res"o*nan*cy) n. Resonance.

(Res"o*nant) a. [L. resonans, p. pr. of resonare to resound: cf. F. résonnant. See Resound.] Returning, or capable of returning, sound; fitted to resound; resounding; echoing back.

Through every hour of the golden morning, the streets were resonant with female parties of young and old.
De Quincey.

(Res"o*nant*ly), adv. In a resonant manner.

(Res"o*na`tor) n. (Acoustics) Anything which resounds; specifically, a vessel in the form of a cylinder open at one end, or a hollow ball of brass with two apertures, so contrived as to greatly intensify a musical tone by its resonance. It is used for the study and analysis of complex sounds.

(Re*sorb") v. t. [L. reorbere; pref. re- re- + sorbere to suck or drink in.] To swallow up.

Now lifted by the tide, and now resorbed.

(Re*sorb"ent) a. [L. resorbens, p. pr. of resorbere.] Swallowing up. Wodhull.

(Res*or"cin) n. [Resin + orcin. So called because in its higher homologue it resembles orcin.] (Chem.) A colorless crystalline substance of the phenol series, obtained by melting certain resins, as galbanum, asafetida, etc., with caustic potash. It is also produced artificially and used in making certain dyestuffs, as phthaleïn, fluoresceïn, and eosin.

(Re*solv"ed*ness), n. Fixedness of purpose; firmness; resolution. Dr. H. More.

(Re*solv"ent) a. Having power to resolve; causing solution; solvent.

(Re*solv"ent), n. [L. resolvens, p. pr. of resolvere: cf. F. résolvant. See Resolve.]

1. That which has the power of resolving, or causing solution; a solvent.

2. (Med.) That which has power to disperse inflammatory or other tumors; a discutient; anything which aids the absorption of effused products. Coxe.

3. (Math.) An equation upon whose solution the solution of a given pproblem depends.

(Re*solv"er) n.

1. That which decomposes, or dissolves. Boyle.

2. That which clears up and removes difficulties, and makes the mind certain or determined. Bp. Burnet.

3. One who resolves, or formal a firm purpose.

(Res"o*nance) n. [Cf. F. résonance, L. resonantia an echo.]

1. The act of resounding; the quality or state of being resonant.

2. (Acoustics) A prolongation or increase of any sound, either by reflection, as in a cavern or apartment the walls of which are not distant enough to return a distinct echo, or by the production of vibrations in other bodies, as a sounding-board, or the bodies of musical instruments.

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