To rein inor rein up, to check the speed of, or cause to stop, by drawing the reins.

(Rein), v. i. To be guided by reins. [R.] Shak.

(Re`in*au"gu*rate), v. t. To inaugurate anew.

(Re"in*cit") v. t. To incite again.

(Re`in*cor"po*rate), v. t. To incorporate again.

(Re`in*crease") v. t. To increase again.

(Re`in*cur") v. t. To incur again.

(Rein"deer`) n. [Icel. hreinn reindeer + E. deer. Icel. hreinn is of Lapp or Finnish origin; cf. Lappish reino pasturage.] [Formerly written also raindeer, and ranedeer.] (Zool.) Any ruminant of the genus Rangifer, of the Deer family, found in the colder parts of both the Eastern and Western hemispheres, and having long irregularly branched antlers, with the brow tines palmate.

The common European species (R. tarandus) is domesticated in Lapland. The woodland reindeer or caribou (R. caribou) is found in Canada and Maine (see Caribou.) The Barren Ground reindeer or caribou of smaller size, is found on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in both hemispheries.

Reindeer moss(Bot.), a gray branching lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) which forms extensive patches on the ground in arctic and even in north temperature regions. It is the principal food of the Lapland reindeer in winter.Reindeer period(Geol.), a name sometimes given to a part of the Paleolithic era when the reindeer was common over Central Europe.

(Re`in*duce") v. t. To induce again.

(Rei*nette") n. [F. See 1st Rennet.] (Bot.) A name given to many different kinds of apples, mostly of French origin.

(Re`in*fect") v. t. [Pref. re- + infect: cf. F. réinfecter.] To infect again.

(Re`in*fec"tious) a. Capable of reinfecting.

(Re`in*force") v. t. See Reënforce, v. t.

(Re`in*force"), n. See Reënforce, n.

(Re`in*force"ment) n. See Reënforcement.

(Re`in*fund") v. i. [Pref. re- + L. infundere to pour in.] To flow in anew. [Obs.] Swift.

(Re`in*gra"ti*ate) v. t. To ingratiate again or anew. Sir. T. Herbert.

(Re`in*hab"it) v. t. To inhabit again. Mede.

1. To govern or direct with the reins; as, to rein a horse one way or another.

He mounts and reins his horse.

2. To restrain; to control; to check.

Being once chafed, he can not
Be reined again to temperance.

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