1. The act of redressing; a making right; reformation; correction; amendment. [R.]

Reformation of evil laws is commendable, but for us the more necessary is a speedy redress of ourselves.

2. A setting right, as of wrong, injury, or opression; as, the redress of grievances; hence, relief; remedy; reparation; indemnification. Shak.

A few may complain without reason; but there is occasion for redress when the cry is universal.

3. One who, or that which, gives relief; a redresser.

Fair majesty, the refuge and redress
Of those whom fate pursues and wants oppress.

(Re*dress"al) n. Redress.

(Re*dress"er) n. One who redresses.

(Re*dress"i*ble) a. Such as may be redressed.

(Re*dress"ive) a. Tending to redress. Thomson.

(Re*dress"less), a. Not having redress; such as can not be redressed; irremediable. Sherwood.

(Re*dress"ment) n. [Cf. F. redressement.] The act of redressing; redress. Jefferson.

(Red"-rib`and) n. (Zoöl.) The European red band fish, or fireflame. See Rend fish.

(Red"root`) n. (Bot.) A name of several plants having red roots, as the New Jersey tea the gromwell, the bloodroot, and the Lachnanthes tinctoria, an endogenous plant found in sandy swamps from Rhode Island to Florida.

(Red`sear") v. i. To be brittle when red-hot; to be red-short. Moxon.

(Red"shank`) n.

1. (Zoöl.) (a) A common Old World limicoline bird having the legs and feet pale red. The spotted redshank (T. fuscus) is larger, and has orange-red legs. Called also redshanks, redleg, and clee. (b) The fieldfare.

2. A bare-legged person; — a contemptuous appellation formerly given to the Scotch Highlanders, in allusion to their bare legs. Spenser.

(Red"-short`) a. (Metal.) Hot-short; brittle when red-hot; — said of certain kinds of iron. Red"-short`ness, n.

(Red"skin`) n. A common appellation for a North American Indian; — so called from the color of the skin. Cooper.

(Red"start`) n. [Red + start tail.] (Zoöl.) (a) A small, handsome European singing bird (Ruticilla phœnicurus), allied to the nightingale; — called also redtail, brantail, fireflirt, firetail. The black redstart is P.tithys. The name is also applied to several other species of Ruticilla amnd allied genera, native of India. (b) An American fly-catching warbler The male is black, with large patches of orange- red on the sides, wings, and tail. The female is olive, with yellow patches.

(Red"streak`) n.

1. A kind of apple having the skin streaked with red and yellow, — a favorite English cider apple. Mortimer.

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