Rasp palm(Bot.), a Brazilian palm tree (Iriartea exorhiza) which has strong aërial roots like a screw pine. The roots have a hard, rough surface, and are used by the natives for graters and rasps, whence the common name.

(||Ras`pa*to"ri*um) n. [LL.] See Raspatory.

(Rasp"a*to*ry) n. [LL. raspatorium: cf. F. raspatoir. See Rasp, v.] A surgeon's rasp. Wiseman.

(Rasp"ber*ry) n. [From E. rasp, in allusion to the apparent roughness of the fruit.] (Bot.) (a) The thimble-shaped fruit of the Rubus Idæus and other similar brambles; as, the black, the red, and the white raspberry. (b) The shrub bearing this fruit.

Technically, raspberries are those brambles in which the fruit separates readily from the core or receptacle, in this differing from the blackberries, in which the fruit is firmly attached to the receptacle.

(Rasp"er) n. One who, or that which, rasps; a scraper.

(Ras"pis) n. The raspberry. [Obs.] Langham.

(Rasp"y) a. Like a rasp, or the sound made by a rasp; grating. R. D. Blackmore.

(Rasse) n. [Cf. Malay rasa taste, sensation.] (Zoöl.) A carnivore (Viverricula Mallaccensis) allied to the civet but smaller, native of China and the East Indies. It furnishes a perfume resembling that of the civet, which is highly prized by the Javanese. Called also Malacca weasel, and lesser civet.

Raskolnik to Ratify

(||Ras*kol"nik) n. [Russ. raskolenik' schismatic, heretic.] (Eccl.) One of the separatists or dissenters from the established or Greek church in Russia. [Written also rascolnik.]

(||Ra*so"res) n. pl. [NL., fr. L. radere, rasum, to scratch. See Rase, v. t.] (Zoöl.) An order of birds; the Gallinæ.

Formerly, the word Rasores was used in a wider sense, so as to include other birds now widely separated in classification.

(Ra*so"ri*al) a. (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the Rasores, or gallinaceous birds, as the peacock, domestic fowl, partridge, quail, and the like.

(Ra"sour) n. Razor. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Rasp) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Rasped (raspt); p. pr. & vb. n. Rasping.] [OF. rasper, F. râper, to scrape, grate, rasp, fr. OHG. raspon to scrape together, to collect, probably akin to E. rap. Cf. Rap to snatch.]

1. To rub or file with a rasp; to rub or grate with a rough file; as, to rasp wood to make it smooth; to rasp bones to powder.

2. Hence, figuratively: To grate harshly upon; to offend by coarse or rough treatment or language; as, some sounds rasp the ear; his insults rasped my temper.

(Rasp), n. [OE. raspe, OF. raspe, F. râpe. See Rasp, v.]

1. A coarse file, on which the cutting prominences are distinct points raised by the oblique stroke of a sharp punch, instead of lines raised by a chisel, as on the true file.

2. The raspberry. [Obs.] "Set sorrel amongst rasps, and the rasps will be the smaller." Bacon.

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