Quick grass. (Bot.) See Quitch grass.Quick match. See under Match.Quick vein(Mining), a vein of ore which is productive, not barren.Quick vinegar, vinegar made by allowing a weak solution of alcohol to trickle slowly over shavings or other porous material.Quick water, quicksilver water.Quick with child, pregnant with a living child.

Syn. — Speedy; expeditious; swift; rapid; hasty; prompt; ready; active; brisk; nimble; fleet; alert; agile; lively; sprightly.

(Quick) adv. In a quick manner; quickly; promptly; rapidly; with haste; speedily; without delay; as, run quick; get back quick.

If we consider how very quick the actions of the mind are performed.

(Quick), n.

1. That which is quick, or alive; a living animal or plant; especially, the hawthorn, or other plants used in making a living hedge.

The works . . . are curiously hedged with quick.

2. The life; the mortal point; a vital part; a part susceptible of serious injury or keen feeling; the sensitive living flesh; the part of a finger or toe to which the nail is attached; the tender emotions; as, to cut a finger nail to the quick; to thrust a sword to the quick, to taunt one to the quick; — used figuratively.

This test nippeth, . . . this toucheth the quick.

How feebly and unlike themselves they reason when they come to the quick of the difference !

3. (Bot.) Quitch grass. Tennyson.

(Quick), v. t. & i. [See Quicken.] To revive; to quicken; to be or become alive. [Obs.] Chaucer.

Tim. iv. 1.

Man is no star, but a quick coal
Of mortal fire.

In this sense the word is nearly obsolete, except in some compounds, or in particular phrases.

2. Characterized by life or liveliness; animated; sprightly; agile; brisk; ready. " A quick wit." Shak.

3. Speedy; hasty; swift; not slow; as, be quick.

Oft he her his charge of quick return

4. Impatient; passionate; hasty; eager; eager; sharp; unceremonious; as, a quick temper.

The bishop was somewhat quick with them, and signified that he was much offended.

5. Fresh; bracing; sharp; keen.

The air is quick there,
And it pierces and sharpens the stomach.

6. Sensitive; perceptive in a high degree; ready; as, a quick ear. "To have an open ear, a quick eye." Shak.

They say that women are so quick.

7. Pregnant; with child. Shak.

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