To shove the queer, to put counterfeit money in circulation. [Slang]

(Queer"ish), a. Rather queer; somewhat singular.

(Queer"ly), adv. In a queer or odd manner.

(Queer"ness), n. The quality or state of being queer.

(Queest) n. [Cf. Icel. kvisa a kind of bird, kvistr a branch of a tree, and E. cushat.] (Zoöl.) The European ringdove (Columba palumbus); the cushat. [Written also quist, queeze, quice, queece.] See Ringdove.

(Quegh) n. A drinking vessel. See Quaich.

Queencraft to Question

(Queen"craft`) n. Craft or skill in policy on the part of a queen.

Elizabeth showed much queencraft in procuring the votes of the nobility.

(Queen"dom) n. The dominion, condition, or character of a queen. Mrs. Browning.

(Queen"fish`) n. (Zoöl.) A California sciænoid food fish The back is bluish, and the sides and belly bright silvery. Called also kingfish.

(Queen"hood) n. The state, personality, or character of a queen; queenliness. Tennyson.

(Queen"ing) n. [See Queen apple.] (Bot.) Any one of several kinds of apples, as summer queening, scarlet queening, and early queening. An apple called the queening was cultivated in England two hundred years ago.

(Queen"li*ness) n. The quality of being queenly; the; characteristic of a queen; stateliness; eminence among women in attractions or power.

(Queen"ly), a. [AS. cwenlic feminine.] Like, becoming, or suitable to, a queen.

(Queen"-post`) n. [Arch.] One of two suspending posts in a roof truss, or other framed truss of similar form. See King-post.

(Queen"ship), n. The state, rank, or dignity of a queen.

Queensland nut
(Queens"land nut`) (Bot.) The nut of an Australian tree It is about an inch in diameter, and contains a single round edible seed, or sometimes two hemispherical seeds. So called from Queensland in Australia.

Queen truss
(Queen" truss) (Arch.) A truss framed with queen-posts; a queen-post truss.

(Queer) a. [Compar. Queerer ; superl. Queerest.] [G. quer cross, oblique, athwart (cf. querkopf a queer fellow), OHG. twer, twerh, dwerah; akin to D. dvars, AS, þweorh thwart, bent, twisted, Icel. þverr thwart, transverse, Goth. þwaìrhs angry, and perh. to L. torqyere to twist, and E. through. Cf. Torture, Through, Thwart, a.]

1. At variance with what is usual or normal; differing in some odd way from what is ordinary; odd; singular; strange; whimsical; as, a queer story or act. " A queer look." W. Irving.

2. Mysterious; suspicious; questionable; as, a queer transaction. [Colloq.]

(Queer), n. Counterfeit money. [Slang]

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