2. Especially, to shake the voice; to utter or form sound with rapid or tremulous vibrations, as in singing; also, to trill on a musical instrument

(Qua"ver), v. t. To utter with quavers.

We shall hear her quavering them . . . to some sprightly airs of the opera.

(Qua"ver), n.

1. A shake, or rapid and tremulous vibration, of the voice, or of an instrument of music.

2. (Mus.) An eighth note. See Eighth.

(Qua"ver*er) n. One who quavers; a warbler.

(Quay) n. [F. quai. See Key quay.] A mole, bank, or wharf, formed toward the sea, or at the side of a harbor, river, or other navigable water, for convenience in loading and unloading vessels. [Written also key.]

(Quay) v. t. To furnish with quays.

(Quay"age) n. [F.] Wharfage. [Also keyage.]

(Quayd) p. p. of Quail. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Que) n. [Cf. 3d Cue.] A half farthing. [Obs.]

(Queach) n. [Cf. Quick.] A thick, bushy plot; a thicket. [Obs.] Chapman.

(Queach), v. i. [Cf. E. quich, v. i., quick, v. i.; or AS. cweccan to shake.] To stir; to move. See Quick, v. i. [Obs.]

(Queach"y) a.

1. Yielding or trembling under the feet, as moist or boggy ground; shaking; moving. "The queachy fens." "Godwin's queachy sands." Drayton.

2. Like a queach; thick; bushy. [Obs.] Cockeram.

(Quean) n. [Originally, a woman, AS. cwene; akin to OS. quena, OHG. quena, Icel. kona, Goth qin, and AS. cwén, also to Gr. woman, wife, Skr. gna goddess. Cf. Queen.]

1. A woman; a young or unmarried woman; a girl. [Obs. or Scot.] Chaucer.

2. A low woman; a wench; a slut. "The dread of every scolding quean." Gay.

(Quea"si*ly) adv. In a queasy manner.

(Quea"si*ness), n. The state of being queasy; nausea; qualmishness; squeamishness. Shak.

(Quea"sy) a. [Icel. kweisa pain; cf. Norw. kveis sickness after a debauch.]

1. Sick at the stomach; affected with nausea; inclined to vomit; qualmish.

2. Fastidious; squeamish; delicate; easily disturbed; unsettled; ticklish. " A queasy question." Shak.

Some seek, when queasy conscience has its qualms.

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