Quadrilateralness to Quaker

(Quad`ri*lat"er*al*ness), n. The property of being quadrilateral.

(Quad`ri*lit"er*al) a. [Quadri- + literal.] Consisting of four letters.

(Qua*drille") n. [F. quadrille, n. fem., fr. Sp. cuadrilla meeting of four or more persons or It. quadriglia a band of soldiers, a sort of dance; dim. fr. L. quadra a square, fr. quattuor four. See Quadrate.]

1. A dance having five figures, in common time, four couples of dancers being in each set.

2. The appropriate music for a quadrille.

(Qua*drille"), n. [F. quadrille, n. masc., cf. It. quadriglio; or perhaps from the Spanish. See Quadrille a dance.] A game played by four persons with forty cards, being the remainder of an ordinary pack after the tens, nines, and eights are discarded. Hoyle.

(Quad*ril"lion) n. [F., fr. L. quater four times, akin to quattuor four, E. four; — formed like million. See Four, Million.] According to the French notation, which is followed also upon the Continent and in the United States, a unit with fifteen ciphers annexed; according to the English notation, the number produced by involving a million to the fourth power, or the number represented by a unit with twenty-four ciphers annexed. See the Note under Numeration.

(Quad`ri*lo"bate Quad`ri*lobed) a. [Quadri- + lobe: cf. F. quadrilobé.] Having four lobes; as, a quadrilobate leaf.

(Quad`ri*loc"u*lar) a. [Quadri- + locular: cf. F. quadriloculaire.] Having four cells, or cavities; as, a quadrilocular heart.

(Quad"rin) n. [OF., fr. L. quadrini four each, fr. quattuor four.] A small piece of money, in value about a farthing, or a half cent. [Obs.]

(Quad`ri*nod"al) a. [Quadri- + nodal.] (Math.) Possessing four nodes; as, quadrinodal curves.

(Quad`ri*no"mi*al) n. [Quadri- + nomial, as in binomial: cf. F. quadrinôme.] (Alg.) A polynomial of four terms connected by the signs plus or minus.

(Quad`ri*nom"ic*al) a. Quadrinomial.

(Quad`ri*nom"i*nal) a. [Quadri- + nominal.] (Alg.) Quadrinomial. Sir W. R. Hamilton.

(Quad*rip"ar*tite) a. [L. quadripartitus, p. p. of quadripartire to divide into four parts; quattuor four + partire to divide: cf. F. quadripartite.] Divided into four parts.

(Quad*rip"ar*tite*ly), adv. In four parts.

(Quad`ri*par*ti"tion) n. [L. quadripartitio: cf. F. quadripartition.] A division or distribution by four, or into four parts; also, a taking the fourth part of any quantity or number.

(Quad`ri*pen"nate) a. [Quadri- + pennate.] (Zoöl.) Having four wings; — said of insects.

(Quad*riph"yl*lous) a. [Quadri + Gr. leaf.] (Bot.) Having four leaves; quadrifoliate.

(Quad"ri*reme) n. [L. quadriremis; quattuor four + remus an oar: cf. F. quadrirème.] (Antiq.) A galley with four banks of oars or rowers.

(Quad`ri*sec"tion) n. [Quadri- + section.] A subdivision into four parts.

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