Portioner to Positively

(Por"tion*er) n.

1. One who portions.

2. (Eccl.) See Portionist, 2.

(Por"tion*ist) n.

1. A scholar at Merton College, Oxford, who has a certain academical allowance or portion; — corrupted into postmaster. Shipley.

2. (Eccl.) One of the incumbents of a benefice which has two or more rectors or vicars.

(Por"tion*less), a. Having no portion.

(Por"tise) n. See Portass. [Obs.]

Portland cement
(Port"land ce*ment") A cement having the color of the Portland stone of England, made by calcining an artificial mixture of carbonate of lime and clay, or sometimes certain natural limestones or chalky clays. It contains a large proportion of clay, and hardens under water.

Portland stone
(Port"land stone") A yellowish-white calcareous freestone from the Isle of Portland in England, much used in building.

Portland vase
(Port"land vase`) A celebrated cinerary urn or vase found in the tomb of the Emperor Alexander Severus. It is owned by the Duke of Portland, and kept in the British Museum.

(Port"last) n. (Naut.) The portoise. See Portoise.

(Port"li*ness) n.

1. The quality or state of being portly; dignity of mien or of personal appearance; stateliness.

Such pride is praise; such portliness is honor.

2. Bulkiness; corpulence.

(Port"ly), a. [From Port demeanor.]

1. Having a dignified port or mien; of a noble appearance; imposing.

2. Bulky; corpulent. "A portly personage." Dickens.

(Port"man) n.; pl. Portmen An inhabitant or burgess of a port, esp. of one of the Cinque Ports.

(Port*man"teau) n.; pl. Portmanteaus [F. porte-manteau; porter to carry + manteau a cloak, mantle. See Port to carry, and Mantle.] A bag or case, usually of leather, for carrying wearing apparel, etc., on journeys. Thackeray.

(Port*man"tle) n. A portmanteau. [Obs.]

(Port"mote`) n. In old English law, a court, or mote, held in a port town. [Obs.] Blackstone.

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