Planing machine. (a) See Planer. (b) A complex machine for planing wood, especially boards, containing usually a rapidly revolving cutter, which chips off the surface in small shavings as the piece to be planed is passed under it by feeding apparatus.

(Pla`ni*pen"nate) a. Of or pertaining to Planipennia.

(||Pla`ni*pen"ni*a) n. pl. [NL., fr. L. planus plane + penna wing.] (Zoöl.) A suborder of Neuroptera, including those that have broad, flat wings, as the ant-lion, lacewing, etc. Called also Planipennes.

(Plan`i*pet"al*ous) a. [Plani- + petal.] (Bot.) Having flat petals.

(Plan"ish) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Planished ; p. pr. & vb. n. Planishing.] [OF. planir, F. planer. See Plane, v., and -ish.] To make smooth or plane, as a metallic surface; to condense, toughen, and polish by light blows with a hammer.

(Plan"ish*er) n. One who, or that which, planishes. Weale.

(Plan"ish*ing), a. & vb. n. from Planish, v. t.

Planishing rolls(Coining), rolls between which metal strips are passed while cold, to bring them to exactly the required thickness.

(Plan"i*sphere) n. [Plani- + sphere: cf. F. planisphère. See Plain, and Sphere.] The representation of the circles of the sphere upon a plane; especially, a representation of the celestial sphere upon a plane with adjustable circles, or other appendages, for showing the position of the heavens, the time of rising and setting of stars, etc., for any given date or hour.

(Plan"i*form) a. (Anat.) Having a plane surface; as, a planiform, gliding, or arthrodial articulation.

(Pla*nim"e*ter) n. [Plani- + -meter. Cf. Planometer.] An instrument for measuring the area of any plane figure, however irregular, by passing a tracer around the bounding line; a platometer.

(Plan`i*met"ric Plan`i*met"ric*al) a. [Cf. F. planimétrique.] Of or pertaining to planimetry.

(Pla*nim"e*try) n. [Cf. F. planimétrie.] The mensuration of plane surfaces; — distinguished from stereometry, or the mensuration of volumes.

(Plan"ing) a. & vb. n. fr. Plane, v. t.

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