1. Supported from above; suspended; depending; pendulous; hanging; as, a pendent leaf. "The pendent world." Shak.

Often their tresses, when shaken, with pendent icicles tinkle.

2. Jutting over; projecting; overhanging. "A vapor sometime like a . . . pendent rock." Shak.

(Pen*den"tive) n. [F. pendentif, fr. L. pendere to hang.] (Arch.) (a) The portion of a vault by means of which the square space in the middle of a building is brought to an octagon or circle to receive a cupola. (b) The part of a groined vault which is supported by, and springs from, one pier or corbel.

(Pend"ent*ly), adv. In a pendent manner.

(Pen"dice) n. [Cf. Pentice.] A sloping roof; a lean-to; a penthouse. [Obs.] Fairfax.

(Pen"di*cle) n. [Cf. Appendicle.] An appendage; something dependent on another; an appurtenance; a pendant. Sir W. Scott.

(Pen*di*cler) n. An inferior tenant; one who rents a pendicle or croft. [Scot.] Jamieson.

(Pend"ing) a. [L. pendere to hang, to be suspended. Cf. Pendent.] Not yet decided; in continuance; in suspense; as, a pending suit.

(Pend"ing), prep. During; as, pending the trail.

(Pen"drag*on) n. A chief leader or a king; a head; a dictator; — a title assumed by the ancient British chiefs when called to lead other chiefs.

The dread Pendragon, Britain's king of kings.

(Pen"du*lar) a. Pendulous.

(Pen"du*late) v. i. To swing as a pendulum. [R.]

(Pen"dule) n. [F.] A pendulum. [R.] Evelyn.

(||Pen"du`line) n. [F. See Pendulum.] (Zoöl.) A European titmouse It is noted for its elegant pendulous purselike nest, made of the down of willow trees and lined with feathers.

(Pen`du*los"i*ty) n. [See Pendulous.] The state or quality of being pendulous. Sir T. Browne.

(Pen"du*lous) a. [L. pendulus, fr. pendere to hang. Cf. Pendant, and cf. Pendulum.]

1. Depending; pendent loosely; hanging; swinging. Shak. "The pendulous round earth." Milton.

2. Wavering; unstable; doubtful. [R.] "A pendulous state of mind." Atterbury.

3. (Bot.) Inclined or hanging downwards, as a flower on a recurved stalk, or an ovule which hangs from the upper part of the ovary.

(Pen"du*lous*ly), adv. In a pendulous manner.

(Pen"du*lous*ness), n. The quality or state of being pendulous; the state of hanging loosely; pendulosity.

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