Northwest passage, a passage or communication by sea between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans along the north coast of America, long sought for by navigators.

(North`west"), adv. Toward the northwest.

(North`west"er) n. A storm or gale from the northwest; a strong northwest wind.

(North`west"er*ly), a. Toward the northwest, or from the northwest.

(North`west"ern) a. Of, pertaining to, or being in, the northwest; in a direction toward the northwest; coming from the northwest; northwesterly; as, a northwestern course.

(North`west"ward North`west"ward*ly) adv. Toward the northwest.

(Nor*we"gi*an) a. [Cf. Icel. Noregr, Norvegr, Norway. See North, and Way.] Of or pertaining to Norway, its inhabitants, or its language.

(Nor*we"gi*an), n.

1. A native of Norway.

2. That branch of the Scandinavian language spoken in Norway.

(Nor*we"gi*um) n. [NL. See Norwegian.] (Chem.) A rare metallic element, of doubtful identification, said to occur in the copper-nickel of Norway.

(Nor*we"yan) a. Norwegian. [Obs.] Shak.

(Nose) n. [AS. nosu; akin to D. neus, G. nase, OHG. nasa, Icel. nös, Sw. näsa, Dan. näse, Lith. nosis, Russ. nos', L. nasus, nares, Skr. nasa, nas. Cf. Nasal, Nasturtium, Naze, Nostril, Nozzle.]

1. (Anat.) The prominent part of the face or anterior extremity of the head containing the nostrils and olfactory cavities; the olfactory organ. See Nostril, and Olfactory organ under Olfactory.

2. The power of smelling; hence, scent.

We are not offended with a dog for a better nose than his master.

3. A projecting end or beak at the front of an object; a snout; a nozzle; a spout; as, the nose of a bellows; the nose of a teakettle.

(North"ward*ly), a. Having a northern direction.

(North"ward*ly), adv. In a northern direction.

(North`west") n. [AS. norðwest.] The point in the horizon between the north and west, and equally distant from each; the northwest part or region.

(North`west"), a.

1. Pertaining to, or in the direction of, the point between the north and west; being in the northwest; toward the northwest, or coming from the northwest; as, the northwest coast.

2. Coming from the northwest; as, a northwest wind.

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