Mephitic air(Chem.), carbon dioxide; — so called because of its deadly suffocating power. See Carbonic acid, under Carbonic.

(||Me*phi"tis) n. [L. mephitis : cf. F. méphitis.]

1. Noxious, pestilential, or foul exhalations from decomposing substances, filth, or other source.

2. (Zoöl.) A genus of mammals, including the skunks.

(Meph"i*tism) n. Same as Mephitis, 1.

(Me*ra"cious) a. [L. meracus, fr. merus pure, inmixed.] Being without mixture or adulteration; hence, strong; racy. [Obs.]

(Mer"ca*ble) a. [L. mercabilis, fr. mercari to trade, traffic, buy. See Merchant.] Capable of being bought or sold. [Obs.]

(Mer"can*tile) a. [F. mercantile, It. mercantile, fr. L. mercans, - antis, p. pr. of mercari to traffic. See Merchant.] Of or pertaining to merchants, or the business of merchants; having to do with trade, or the buying and selling of commodities; commercial.

The expedition of the Argonauts was partly mercantile, partly military.

Mercantile agency, an agency for procuring information of the standing and credit of merchants in different parts of the country, for the use of dealers who sell to them. - - Mercantile marine, the persons and vessels employed in commerce, taken collectively.Mercantile paper, the notes or acceptances given by merchants for goods bought, or received on consignment; drafts on merchants for goods sold or consigned. McElrath.

Syn.Mercantile, Commercial. Commercial is the wider term, being sometimes used to embrace mercantile. In their stricter use, commercial relates to the shipping, freighting, forwarding, and other business connected with the commerce of a country that is, the exchange of commodities; while mercantile applies to the sale of merchandise and goods when brought to market. As the two employments are to some extent intermingled, the two words are often interchanged.

(Mer*cap"tal) n. [Mercaptan + aldehyde.] (Chem.) Any one of a series of compounds of mercaptans with aldehydes.

(Men*to"ri*al) a. [From Mentor.] Containing advice or admonition.

(||Men"tum) n. [L., chin.] (Zoöl.) The front median plate of the labium in insects. See Labium.

(||Me*nu") n. [F., slender, thin, minute. See 4th Minute.] The details of a banquet; a bill of fare.

(Me"nuse) v. i. See Amenuse. [Obs.]

(Me*ow") v. i. & n. See 6th and 7th Mew.

(Meph`is*to*phe"li*an) a. Pertaining to, or resembling, the devil Mephistopheles, "a crafty, scoffing, relentless fiend;" devilish; crafty.

(Me*phit"ic Me*phit"ic*al) a. [L. mephiticus, fr. mephitis mephitis: cf. F. méphitique.]

1. Tending to destroy life; poisonous; noxious; as, mephitic exhalations; mephitic regions.

2. Offensive to the smell; as, mephitic odors.

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