Maned seal(Zoöl.), the sea lion.Maned sheep(Zoöl.), the aoudad.

(Ma*nege") n. [F. manège. See Manage, n.]

1. Art of horsemanship, or of training horses.

2. A school for teaching horsemanship, and for training horses. Chesterfield.

(||Ma"neh) n. [Heb. maneh.] A Hebrew weight for gold or silver, being one hundred shekels of gold and sixty shekels of silver. Ezek. xlv. 12.

(Mane"less) a. Having no mane.

Maneless lion(Zoöl.), a variety of the lion having a short, inconspicuous mane. It inhabits Arabia and adjacent countries.

(Man"e*quin) n. [See Manikin.] An artist's model of wood or other material.

(Ma*ne"ri*al) a. See Manorial.

(||Ma"nes) n. pl. [L.] (Rom. Antiq.) The benevolent spirits of the dead, especially of dead ancestors, regarded as family deities and protectors.

Hail, O ye holy manes!

(Mane"sheet`) n. A covering placed over the upper part of a horse's head.

(Man"du*ca*ble) a. [Cf. F. manducable. See Manducate.] Such as can be chewed; fit to be eaten. [R.]

Any manducable creature.
Sir T. Herbert.

(Man"du*cate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Manducated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Manducating ] [L. manducatus, p. p. of manducare to chew. See Manger.] To masticate; to chew; to eat. [R.] Jer. Taylor.

(Man`du*ca"tion) n. [L. manducatio: cf. F. manducation.] The act of chewing. [R.] Jer. Taylor.

(Man"du*ca*to*ry) a. Pertaining to, or employed in, chewing.

(||Man*du"cus) n. [L., fr. manducare to chew.] (Gr. & Rom. Antiq.) A grotesque mask, representing a person chewing or grimacing, worn in processions and by comic actors on the stage.

(Mane) n. [AS. manu; akin to OD. mane, D. maan, G. mähne, OHG. mana, Icel. mön, Dan. & Sw. man, AS. mene necklace, Icel. men, L. monile, Gr. Skr. manya neck muscles. &radic275.]

1. The long and heavy hair growing on the upper side of, or about, the neck of some quadrupedal animals, as the horse, the lion, etc. See Illust. of Horse.

2. The hair growing on a person's head, especially hair that is long and thick; — usually used humorously. [jocose]

(Man"-eat`er) n. (Zoöl.) One who, or that which, has an appetite for human flesh; specifically, one of certain large sharks (esp. Carcharodon Rondeleti); also, a lion or a tiger which has acquired the habit of feeding upon human flesh.

(Maned) a. Having a mane.

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