Manila cherootor cigar, a cheroot or cigar made of tobacco grown in the Philippine Islands.Manila hemp, a fibrous material obtained from the Musa textilis, a plant allied to the banana, growing in the Philippine and other East India islands; - - called also by the native name abaca. From it matting, canvas, ropes, and cables are made.Manila paper, a durable brown or buff paper made of Manila hemp, used as a wrapping paper, and as a cheap printing and writing paper. The name is also given to inferior papers, made of other fiber.

(Ma*nil"io) n. See Manilla, 1. Sir T. Herbert.

(Ma*nil"la) n. [Sp. manilla; cf. It. maniglio, maniglia; F. manille; Pg. manilha; all fr. L. manus hand, and formed after the analogy of L. monile, pl. monilia, necklace: cf. F. manille.]

1. A ring worn upon the arm or leg as an ornament, especially among the tribes of Africa.

2. A piece of copper of the shape of a horseshoe, used as money by certain tribes of the west coast of Africa. Simmonds.

(Ma*nil"la), a. Same as Manila.

(||Ma*nille") n. [F.] See 1st Manilla, 1.

(Ma"ni*oc) n. [Pg. mandioca, fr. Braz.] (Bot.) The tropical plants (Manihot utilissima, and M. Aipi), from which cassava and tapioca are prepared; also, cassava. [Written also mandioc, manihoc, manihot.]

(Man"i*ple) n. [L. manipulus, maniplus, a handful, a certain number of soldiers; manus hand + root of plere to fill, plenus full: cf. F. maniple. See Manual, and Full, a.]

1. A handful. [R.] B. Jonson.

2. A division of the Roman army numbering sixty men exclusive of officers; any small body of soldiers; a company. Milton.

Manifoldly to Manor

(Man"i*fold`ly), adv. In a manifold manner.

(Man"i*fold`ness), n.

1. Multiplicity. Sherwood.

2. (Math.) A generalized concept of magnitude.

(Man"i*form) a. [L. manus hand + -form.] Shaped like the hand.

(Ma*ni"glion) n. [It. maniglio, maniglia, bracelet, handle. Cf. Manilio.] (Gun.) Either one of two handles on the back of a piece of ordnance.

(Man"i*hoc Man"i*hot) n. See Manioc.

(Man"i*kin) n. [OD. manneken, dim. of man man. See Man, and -kin.]

1. A little man; a dwarf; a pygmy; a manakin.

2. A model of the human body, made of papier- mache or other material, commonly in detachable pieces, for exhibiting the different parts and organs, their relative position, etc.

(Ma*nil"a Ma*nil"la), a. Of or pertaining to Manila or Manilla, the capital of the Philippine Islands; made in, or exported from, that city.

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