Lapis calaminaris[NL.] (Min.) Calamine.Lapis infernalis[L.] Fused nitrate of silver; lunar caustic.

Lapis lazuli
(La"pis laz"u*li) (Min.) An albuminous mineral of a rich blue color. Same as Lazuli, which see.

(Lap"-joint`ed) a. Having a lap joint, or lap joints, as many kinds of woodwork and metal work.

(Lap"land*er) n. A native or inhabitant of Lapland; — called also Lapp.

(Lap"land*ish), a. Of or pertaining to Lapland.

(Lap"ling) n. [Lap of a garment + ling.] One who has been fondled to excess; one fond of ease and sensual delights; — a term of contempt.

(Lapp) n. Same as Laplander. Cf. Lapps.

(Lap*pa"ceous) a. [L. lappaceus burlike, fr. lappa a bur.] (Bot.) Resembling the capitulum of burdock; covered with forked points.

(Lap"per) n. [From Lap to drink.] One who takes up food or liquid with his tongue.

(Lap"pet) n. [Dim. of lap a fold.] A small decorative fold or flap, esp. of lace or muslin, in a garment or headdress. Swift.

Lappet moth(Zoöl.), one of several species of bombycid moths, which have stout, hairy caterpillars, flat beneath. Two common American species (Gastropacha Americana, and Tolype velleda) feed upon the apple tree.

(Lap"pet), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Lappeted; p. pr. & vb. n. Lappeting.] To decorate with, or as with, a lappet. [R.] Landor.

Lapidescent to Large

(Lap`i*des"cent) a. [L. lapidescens, p. pr. of lapidescere to become stone, fr. lapis, - idis, stone: cf. F. lapidescent.] Undergoing the process of becoming stone; having the capacity of being converted into stone; having the quality of petrifying bodies.

(Lap"i*des"cent), n. Any substance which has the quality of petrifying other bodies, or of converting or being converted into stone.

(Lap`i*dif"ic Lap`i*dif"ic*al) a. [L. lapis, -idis, stone + facere to make: cf. F. lapidifique.] Forming or converting into stone.

(La*pid`i*fi*ca"tion) n. [Cf. F. lapidification.] The act or process of lapidifying; fossilization; petrifaction.

(La*pid"i*fy) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Lapidified ; p. pr. & vb. n. Lapidifying ] [Cf. f. lapidifier. See Lapidific, and -fy.] To convert into stone or stony material; to petrify.

(La*pid"i*fy), v. i. To become stone or stony.

(Lap"i*dist) n. [L. lapis, -idis, a stone.] A lapidary. Ray.

(Lap"il*la"tion) n. [See Lapilli.] The state of being, or the act of making, stony.

(||La*pil"li) n. pl. [L. lapillus a little stone, dim. of lapis stone.] (Min.) Volcanic ashes, consisting of small, angular, stony fragments or particles.

(||La"pis) n.; pl. Lapides [L.] A stone.

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