Lazy tongs, a system of jointed bars capable of great extension, originally made for picking up something at a distance, now variously applied in machinery.

Syn. — Idle; indolent; sluggish; slothful. See Idle.

(La"zy*back`) n. A support for the back, attached to the seat of a carriage. [Colloq.]

(La"zy*bones`) n. A lazy person. [Colloq.]

(Laz`za*ro"ni) (laz`za*ro"ni; It. lät`sa*ro"ne), n. pl. [It. lazzarone, pl. lazzaroni.] The homeless idlers of Naples who live by chance work or begging; — so called from the Hospital of St. Lazarus, which serves as their refuge. [Written also, but improperly, lazaroni.]

(Lea), n. [Cf. Lay, n. 4.] (Textile Manuf.) (a) A measure of yarn; for linen, 300 yards; for cotton, 120 yards; a lay. (b) A set of warp threads carried by a loop of the heddle.

(Laz"a*rist Laz"a*rite) n. (R. C. Ch.) One of the Congregation of the Priests of the Mission, a religious institute founded by Vincent de Paul in 1624, and popularly called Lazarists or Lazarites from the College of St. Lazare in Paris, which was occupied by them until 1792.

(La"zar*like` La"zar*ly) a. Full of sores; leprous. Shak. Bp. Hall.

(Laz`a*ro"ni) n. pl. See Lazzaroni.

(La"zar*wort`) n. (Bot.) Laserwort.

(Laze) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Lazed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Lazing.] [See Lazy.] To be lazy or idle. [Colloq.] Middleton.

(Laze), v. t. To waste in sloth; to spend, as time, in idleness; as, to laze away whole days. [Colloq.]

(La"zi*ly) adv. In a lazy manner. Locke.

(La"zi*ness), n. The state or quality of being lazy.

Laziness travels so slowly, that Poverty soon overtakes him.

(Laz"u*li) n. [F. & NL. lapis lazuli, LL. lazulus, lazurius, lazur from the same Oriental source as E. azure. See Azure.] (Min.) A mineral of a fine azure-blue color, usually in small rounded masses. It is essentially a silicate of alumina, lime, and soda, with some sodium sulphide, is often marked by yellow spots or veins of sulphide of iron, and is much valued for ornamental work. Called also lapis lazuli, and Armenian stone.

(Laz"u*lite) n. [From lazuli : cf. F. lazulite, G. lazulith.] (Min.) A mineral of a light indigo- blue color, occurring in small masses, or in monoclinic crystals; blue spar. It is a hydrous phosphate of alumina and magnesia.

(La"zy) a. [Compar. Lazier ; superl. Laziest.] [OE. lasie, laesic, of uncertain origin; cf. F. las tired, L. lassus, akin to E. late; or cf. LG. losig, lesig.]

1. Disinclined to action or exertion; averse to labor; idle; shirking work. Bacon.

2. Inactive; slothful; slow; sluggish; as, a lazy stream. "The night owl's lazy flight." Shak.

3. Wicked; vicious. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] B. Jonson.

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