Kinematic curves, curves produced by machinery, or a combination of motions, as distinguished from mathematical curves.

(Kin`e*mat"ics) n. [Gr. motion, fr. kinei^n to move.] (Physics) The science which treats of motions considered in themselves, or apart from their causes; the comparison and relation of motions.

Kinematics forms properly an introduction to mechanics, as involving the mathematical principles which are to be applied to its data of forces. Nichol.

(Kine"pox`) n. (Med.) See Cowpox.

Kin"e*scope n. See Kinetoscope.

(Kin`e*si*at"rics) n. [Gr. motion (fr. kinei^n to move) + pertaining to medicine, fr. a physician.] (Med.) A mode of treating disease by appropriate muscular movements; — also termed kinesitherapy, kinesipathy, lingism, and the movement cure.

(Kin`e*sip"a*thy) n. [Gr. motion + pa`qos suffering.] (Med.) See Kinesiatrics.

(Kin`e*si*ther"a*py) n. [Gr. motion + to heal.] (Med.) See Kinesiatrics.

(Kin`e*sod"ic) a. [Gr. motion + way: cf. F. kinésodigue.] (Physiol.) Conveying motion; as, kinesodic substance; — applied esp. to the spinal cord, because it is capable of conveying doth voluntary and reflex motor impulses, without itself being affected by motor impulses applied to it directly.

(Ki*net"ic) q. [Gr. from kinei^n to move.] (Physics) Moving or causing motion; motory; active, as opposed to latent.

Kinetic energy. See Energy, n. 4.

(Ki*net"ics) n. (Physics) See Dynamics.

(Ki*ne`to*gen"e*sis) n. [Gr. movable + -scope.] An instrument for producing curves by the combination of circular movements; — called also kinescope.

Kindred to Kinkle

(Kin"dred) n. [OE. kinrede, kynrede, kunreden fr. AS. cynn kin, race + the termination - r&aemacrden, akin to AS. r&aemacrdan to advise, G. rathen. Cf. Hatred.]

1. Relationship by birth or marriage; consanguinity; affinity; kin.

Like her, of equal kindred to the throne.

2. Relatives by blood or marriage, more properly the former; relations; persons related to each other.

I think there's no man is secure
But the queen's kindred.

Syn. — Kin; kinsfolk; relatives; kinsmen; relations; relationship; affinity.

(Kin"dred), a. Related; congenial; of the like nature or properties; as, kindred souls; kindred skies; kindred propositions.

True to the kindred points of heaven and home.

(Kine) n. pl. [For older kyen, formed like oxen, fr. AS. c, itself pl. of c cow. See Cow, and cf. Kee, Kie.] Cows. "A herd of fifty or sixty kine." Milton.

(Kin`e*mat"ic Kin`e*mat"ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to kinematics.

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