2. To recognize; to descry; to discern. [Archaic or Scot.] "We ken them from afar." Addison

'T is he. I ken the manner of his gait.

(Ken), v. i. To look around. [Obs.] Burton.

(Ken), n. Cognizance; view; especially, reach of sight or knowledge. "Beyond his ken." Longfellow.

Above the reach and ken of a mortal apprehension.

It was relief to quit the ken
And the inquiring looks of men.

Kendal green
(Ken"dal green` or Ken"dal). A cloth colored green by dye obtained from the woad-waxen, formerly used by Flemish weavers at Kendal, in Westmoreland, England. J. Smith

How couldst thou know these men in Kendal green ?

(Ken"nel) n. [See Channel, Canal.] The water course of a street; a little canal or channel; a gutter; also, a puddle. Bp. Hall.

(Ken"nel), n. [OE. kenel, (assumed) OF. kenil, F. chenil, LL. canile, fr. L. canis a dog. Cf. Canine.]

1. A house for a dog or for dogs, or for a pack of hounds.

A dog sure, if he could speak, had wit enough to describe his kennel.
Sir P. Sidney.

2. A pack of hounds, or a collection of dogs. Shak.

3. The hole of a fox or other beast; a haunt.

(Ken"nel), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Kenneled or Kennelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Kennelling.] To lie or lodge; to dwell, as a dog or a fox.

The dog kenneled in a hollow tree.

(Ken"nel), v. t. To put or keep in a kennel. Thomson.

Kennel coal
(Ken"nel coal`) See Cannel coal.

(Ken"ning) n. [See Ken, v. t.]

1. Range of sight. [Obs.] Bacon.

2. The limit of vision at sea, being a distance of about twenty miles.

(Ke"no) n. [F. quine five winning numbers, fr. L. quini five each, quinque five. See Five.] A gambling game, a variety of the game of lotto, played with balls or knobs, numbered, and cards also numbered. [U. S.]

(Ken`o*gen"e*sis) n. [Gr. new + E. genesis.] (Biol.) Modified evolution, in which nonprimitive characters make their appearance in consequence of a secondary adaptation of the embryo to the peculiar conditions of its environment; — distinguished from palingenesis. [Written also cænogenesis.]

(Ken`o*ge*net"ic) a. (Biol.) Of or pertaining to kenogenesis; as, kenogenetic processes.Ken`o*ge*net"ic*al*ly adv.

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