Canker-bit to Canonization

(Can"ker-bit`) a. Eaten out by canker, or as by canker. [Obs.]

Canker bloom
(Can"ker bloom`) The bloom or blossom of the wild rose or dog-rose.

Canker blossom
(Can"ker blos`som) That which blasts a blossom as a canker does. [Obs.]

O me! you juggler! you canker blossom!
You thief of Love!

(Can"kered) a.

1. Affected with canker; as, a cankered mouth.

2. Affected mentally or morally as with canker; sore, envenomed; malignant; fretful; ill-natured. "A cankered grandam's will." Shak.

(Can"kered*ly), adv. Fretfully; spitefully.

Canker fly
(Can"ker fly`) A fly that preys on fruit.

(Can"ker*ous) a. Affecting like a canker. "Canrerous shackles." Thomson.

Misdeem it not a cankerous change.

Canker rash
(Can"ker rash`) (Med.) A form of scarlet fever characterized by ulcerated or putrid sore throat.

(Can"ker*worm`) n. (Zoöl.) The larva of two species of geometrid moths which are very injurious to fruit and shade trees by eating, and often entirely destroying, the foliage. Other similar larvæ are also called cankerworms.

The autumnal species (Anisopteryx pometaria) becomes adult late in autumn (after frosts) and in winter. The spring species (A. vernata) remains in the ground through the winter, and matures in early spring. Both have winged males and wingless females. The larvæ are similar in appearance and habits, and belong to the family of measuring worms or spanworms. These larvæ hatch from the eggs when the leaves begin to expand in spring.

(Can"ker*y) a.

1. Like a canker; full of canker.

2. Surly; sore; malignant.

(||Can"na) n. [It.] A measure of length in Italy, varying from six to seven feet. See Cane, 4.

(||Can"na) n. [L., a reed. See Cane.] (Bot.) A genus of tropical plants, with large leaves and often with showy flowers. The Indian shot (C. Indica) is found in gardens of the northern United States.

(Can"na*bene) n. [From Cannabis.] (Chem.) A colorless oil obtained from hemp by distillation, and possessing its intoxicating properties.

(Can"na*bin) n. (Chem.) A poisonous resin extracted from hemp (Cannabis sativa, variety Indica). The narcotic effects of hasheesh are due to this resin.

(Can"na*bine) a. [L. cannabinus.] Pertaining to hemp; hempen. [R.]

(||Can"na*bis) n. [L., hemp. See Canvas.] (Bot.) A genus of a single species belonging to the order Uricaceæ; hemp.

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