Canicular days, the dog days, See Dog days.Canicular year, the Egyptian year, computed from one heliacal rising of the Dog Star to another.

(Can"i*cule) n. Canicula. Addison.

(Ca*ni"nal) a. See Canine, a.

(Ca*nine") a. [L. caninus, fr. canis dog: cf. F. canin. See Hound.]

1. Of or pertaining to the family Canidæ, or dogs and wolves; having the nature or qualities of a dog; like that or those of a dog.

2. (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the pointed tooth on each side the incisors.

Canine appetite, a morbidly voracious appetite; bulimia.Canine letter, the letter r. See R. Canine madness, hydrophobia.Canine tooth, a tooth situated between the incisor and bicuspid teeth, so called because well developed in dogs; usually, the third tooth from the front on each side of each jaw; an eyetooth, or the corresponding tooth in the lower jaw.

(Ca*nine"), n. (Anat.) A canine tooth.

(||Ca"nis) n.; pl. Canes (- nez). [L., a dog.] (Zoöl.) A genus of carnivorous mammals, of the family Canidæ, including the dogs and wolves.

||Canis major[L., larger dog], a constellation to the southeast of Orion, containing Sirius or the Dog Star.||Canis minor[L., smaller dog], a constellation to the east of Orion, containing Procyon, a star of the first magnitude.

(Can"is*ter) n. [L. canistrum a basket woven from reeds Gr. fr. ka`nh, ka`nna reed; cf. F. canistre. See Cane, and Canaster.]

1. A small basket of rushes, reeds, or willow twigs, etc.

2. A small box or case for holding tea, coffee, etc.

3. (Mil.) A kind of case shot for cannon, in which a number of lead or iron balls in layers are inclosed in a case fitting the gun; — called also canister shot.

(Can"ker) n. [OE. canker, cancre, AS. cancer fr. L. cancer a cancer; or if a native word, cf. Gr. excrescence on tree, gangrene. Cf. also OF. cancre, F. chancere, fr. L. cancer. See cancer, and cf. Chancre.]

1. A corroding or sloughing ulcer; esp. a spreading gangrenous ulcer or collection of ulcers in or about the mouth; — called also water canker, canker of the mouth, and noma.

2. Anything which corrodes, corrupts, or destroy.

The cankers of envy and faction.

3. (Hort.) A disease incident to trees, causing the bark to rot and fall off.

4. (Far.) An obstinate and often incurable disease of a horse's foot, characterized by separation of the horny portion and the development of fungoid growths; — usually resulting from neglected thrush.

(Ca*nic"u*lar) a. [L. canicularis; cf. F. caniculaire.] Pertaining to, or measured, by the rising of the Dog Star.

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