(I"so- Is-) [Gr. 'i`sos equal.] A prefix or combining form, indicating identity, or equality; the same numerical value; as in isopod, isomorphous, isochromatic. Specif.: (a) (Chem.) Applied to certain compounds having the same composition but different properties; as in isocyanic. (b) (Organic Chem.) Applied to compounds of certain isomeric series in whose structure one carbon atom, at least, is connected with three other carbon atoms; — contrasted with neo- and normal; as in isoparaffine; isopentane.

(I"so*bar) n. [Iso- + Gr. weight.] (Phys. Geog.) A line connecting or marking places upon the surface of the earth where height of the barometer reduced to sea level is the same either at a given time, or for a certain period as for a year; an isopiestic line. [Written also isobare.]

(I`so*bar"ic) a. (Phys. Geog.) Denoting equal pressure; as, an isobaric line; specifically, of or pertaining to isobars.

(I"so*bar*ism) n. The quality or state of being equal in weight, especially in atmospheric pressure. Also, the theory, method, or application of isobaric science.

(I`so*bar`o*met"ric) a. [Iso + barometric.] (Phys. Geog.) Indicating equal barometric pressure.

(I`so*bath"y*therm) n. [Iso- + Gr. deep + heat.] (Phys. Geog.) A line connecting the points on the surface of the earth where a certain temperature is found at the same depth.

(I`so*bath"y*ther"mic) a. Of or pertaining to an isobathytherm; possessing or indicating the same temperature at the same depth.

(I`so*ceph"a*lism) n. [From Gr. like-headed. See Iso-, and Cephalon.] (Art) A peculiarity in the design of bas-relief by which the heads of human figures are kept at the same height from the ground, whether the personages are seated, standing, or mounted on horseback; — called also isokephaleia.

(I"so*chasm) n. [Iso- + chasm.] (Phys. Geog.) A line connecting places on the earth's surface at which there is the same mean frequency of auroras.

(I`so*chas"mic) a. Indicating equal auroral display; as, an isochasmic line.

(I"so*cheim) n. [Iso- + Gr. winter.] (Phys. Geog.) A line connecting places on the earth having the same mean winter temperature. Cf. Isothere.

(I`so*chei"mal, I`so*chi"mal) a. Pertaining to, having the nature of, or making, isocheims; as, an isocheimal line; an isocheimal chart.

(I`so*chei"me*nal I`so*chi"me*nal) a. The same as Isocheimal.

(I`so*chei"mic) a. The same as Isocheimal.

(I`so*chi"mene) n. The same as Isocheim.

(I`so*chro*mat"ic) a. [Iso- + chromatic.] (Opt.) Having the same color; connecting parts having the same color, as lines drawn through certain points in experiments on the chromatic effects of polarized light in crystals.

(I*soch"ro*nal) a. [See Isochronous.] Uniform in time; of equal time; performed in equal times; recurring at regular intervals; as, isochronal vibrations or oscillations.

(I`so*chron"ic) a. Isochronal.

(I*soch"ro*nism) n. The state or quality of being isochronous.

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