Isothermal line. (a) An isotherm. (b) A line drawn on a diagram of energy such that its ordinates represent the pressures of a substance corresponding to various volumes, while the absolute temperature is maintained at a constant value.Isothermal zones, spaces on opposite sides of the equator having the same mean temperature, and bounded by corresponding isothermal lines.

(I`so*ther"mo*bath) n. [Iso- + Gr. hot + depth.] (Phys. Geog) A line drawn through points of equal temperature in a vertical section of the ocean.

(I`so*ther`mo*bath"ic) a. Of or pertaining to an isothermobath; possessing or indicating equal temperatures in a vertical section, as of the ocean.

(I*soth`er*om"brose) n. [Iso- + Gr. qe`ros summer + 'o`mbros rain.] (Phys. Geog) A line connecting or marking points on the earth's surface, which have the same mean summer rainfall.

(I`so*ton"ic) a. [Iso- + tonic.] Having or indicating, equal tones, or tension.

Isotonic system(Mus.), a system consisting of intervals, in which each concord is alike tempered, and in which there are twelve equal semitones.

(I*sos"ce*les) a. [L., fr. Gr. 'i`sos equal + leg.] (Geom.) Having two legs or sides that are equal; — said of a triangle.

(||I`so*spon"dy*li) n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. 'i`sos equal + a vertebra.] (Zoöl.) An extensive order of fishes, including the salmons, herrings, and many allied forms.

(I`so*spon"dy*lous) a. (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the Isospondyli; having the anterior vertebræ separate and normal.

(I`so*spor"ic) a. [Iso- + Gr. fruit.] (Bot.) Producing but one kind of spore, as the ferns and Equiseta. Cf. Heterosporic.

(I`so*stem"o*nous) a. [Iso- + Gr. sth`mwn thread.] (Bot.) Having exactly as many stamens as petals.

(I`so*stem"o*ny) n. (Bot.) The quality or state of being isostemonous.

(I`so*sul`pho*cy"a*nate) n. (Chem.) A salt of isosulphocyanic acid.

(I`so*sul`pho*cy*an"ic) a. (Chem.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid, HNCS, isomeric with sulphocyanic acid.

(I*soth"er*al) a. Having the nature of an isothere; indicating the distribution of temperature by means of an isothere; as, an isotheral chart or line.

(I"so*there) n. [Iso- + Gr. summer, to heat.] (Phys. Geog.) A line connecting points on the earth's surface having the same mean summer temperature.

(I"so*therm) n. [Iso- + Gr. heat, fr. hot.] (Phys. Geog.) A line connecting or marking points on the earth's surface having the same temperature. This may be the temperature for a given time of observation, or the mean temperature for a year or other period. Also, a similar line based on the distribution of temperature in the ocean.

(I`so*ther"mal) a. [Cf. F. isotherme.] (a) Relating to equality of temperature. (b) (Phys. Geog.) Having reference to the geographical distribution of temperature, as exhibited by means of isotherms; as, an isothermal line; an isothermal chart.

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