(In*vul"ner*a*ble*ness), n. Invulnerability.

(In*vul"ner*ate) a. [L. invulneratus unwounded.] Invulnerable.

(In*wall") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Inwalled (-w&addld"); p. pr. & vb. n. Inwalling.] To inclose or fortify as with a wall. Spenser.

(In"wall`) n. An inner wall; specifically (Metal.), the inner wall, or lining, of a blast furnace.

(In"ward) a. [AS. inweard, inneweard, innanweard, fr. innan, inne, within (fr. in in; see In) + the suffix -weard, E. -ward.]

1. Being or placed within; inner; interior; - - opposed to outward. Milton.

2. Seated in the mind, heart, spirit, or soul. "Inward beauty." Shak.

3. Intimate; domestic; private. [Obs.]

All my inward friends abhorred me.
Job xix. 19.

He had had occasion, by one very inward with him, to know in part the discourse of his life.
Sir P. Sidney.

(In"ward), n.

1. That which is inward or within; especially, in the plural, the inner parts or organs of the body; the viscera. Jer. Taylor.

Then sacrificing, laid the inwards and their fat.

2. The mental faculties; — usually pl. [Obs.]

3. An intimate or familiar friend or acquaintance. [Obs.] "I was an inward of his." Shak.

(In"ward In"wards) adv. [AS. inweard. The ending -s is prop. a genitive ending. See Inward, a., -wards.]

1. Toward the inside; toward the center or interior; as, to bend a thing inward.

2. Into, or toward, the mind or thoughts; inwardly; as, to turn the attention inward.

So much the rather, thou Celestial Light,
Shine inward.

(In"ward*ly) adv. [AS. inweardlice.]

1. In the inner parts; internally.

Let Benedick, like covered fire,
Consume away in sighs, waste inwardly.

2. Toward the center; inward; as, to curve inwardly.

3. In the heart or mind; mentally; privately; secretly; as, he inwardly repines.

4. Intimately; thoroughly. [Obs.]

I shall desire to know him more inwardly.
Beau. & Fl.

(In"ward*ness), n.

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