(In*san"i*ta*ry) a. Not sanitary; unhealthy; as, insanitary conditions of drainage.

(In*san`i*ta"tion) n. Lack of sanitation; careless or dangerous hygienic conditions.

(In*san"i*ty) n. [L. insanitas unsoundness; cf. insania insanity, F. insanite.]

1. The state of being insane; unsoundness or derangement of mind; madness; lunacy.

All power of fancy over reason is a degree of insanity.

Without grace
The heart's insanity admits no cure.

2. (Law) Such a mental condition, as, either from the existence of delusions, or from incapacity to distinguish between right and wrong, with regard to any matter under action, does away with individual responsibility.

Syn. — Insanity, Lunacy, Madness, Derangement, Alienation, Aberration, Mania, Delirium, Frenzy, Monomania, Dementia. Insanity is the generic term for all such diseases; lunacy has now an equal extent of meaning, though once used to denote periodical insanity; madness has the same extent, though originally referring to the rage created by the disease; derangement, alienation, are popular terms for insanity; delirium, mania, and frenzy denote excited states of the disease; dementia denotes the loss of mental power by this means; monomania is insanity upon a single subject.

(In*sa"po*ry) a. [Pref. in- not + sapor.] Tasteless; unsavory. [R.] Sir T. Herbert.

(In*sa`tia*bil"i*ty) n., [L. insatiabilitas; cf. F. insatiabilite.] The state or quality of being insatiable; insatiableness.

Eagerness for increase of possession deluges the soul, and we sink into the gulfs of insatiability.

(In*sa"tia*ble) a. [F. insatiable, L. ionsatiabilis. See In- not, and Satiable.] Not satiable; incapable of being satisfied or appeased; very greedy; as, an insatiable appetite, thirst, or desire.

"Insatiable of glory."

(In*sa"tia*ble*ness), n. Greediness of appetite that can not be satisfied or appeased; insatiability.

The eye of the covetous hath a more particular insatiableness.
Bp. Hall.

(In*sa"tia*bly), adv. In an insatiable manner or degree; unappeasably. "Insatiably covetous." South.

(In*sa"ti*ate) a. [L. insatiatus.] Insatiable; as, insatiate thirst.

The insatiate greediness of his desires.

And still insatiate, thirsting still for blood.

(In*sa"ti*ate*ly), adv. Insatiably. Sir T. Herbert.

(In*sa"ti*ate*ness), n. The state of being insatiate.

(In`sa*ti"e*ty) n. [L. insatietas: cf. F. insatiete. See Satiety.] Insatiableness. T. Grander.

(In*sat`is*fac"tion) n.

1. Insufficiency; emptiness. [Obs.] Bacon.

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